September 7, 2017

IPOB not to succumb to intimidation, insists on boycott of Anambra election

IPOB not to succumb to intimidation,  insists on boycott of Anambra election


By: Chinenyeh Ozor
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) said yesterday that her resolve
to boycott Anambra state governorship election on November 18 was
irrevocable and in the overall interest of Ndigbo.

Calling on Igbo to support the move, the group stated that there was
no better way to show her disdain to the current situations in
the land than to reject plans and policies of President Muhammadu
Buhari led administration in the country.

It is obvious that the structure that has been in place does not support the inclusion of Igbo in the marriage called Nigeria, so why are they afraid to canvass their freedom and leave the rest of the country?”

Leader of the IPOB in Enugu state, Cyprian Okoye, told journalists in
Enugu that the group was resolute in the effort to achieve Biafra
republic out of the present federation, stressing that it would not
succumb to intimidation and threats from various quarters.

He said: “We did not say we want Biafra because of Muhammadu Buhari,
we did not also say we want to boycott Anambra election because of

We have rather said the t part of our agitation is to ensure that
the proposed election did not hold but those who are feeding fat from
the flawed system in Nigeria have decided to misinterpret us.

They are entitled to their opinion but we will know who has greater authority and support of the people on November 18. They should keep preparing until that day”.

Asked how they intend to stop the election since they neither control
the government nor bear weapons, he said: “We have carried out
peaceful protests in the past that shook this nation.

Yes, government possesses the weapons of war, they possess power to
give and take, but the only thing working for us is that we are
conscience of the masses.

The people know that we have always told them the truth about this country; they know that their fate has been mortgaged by those they elected to serve; they know that the best thing to do is to discontinue in this project called Nigeria; therefore, if the Anambra election boycott will serve the purpose, they are prepared to make the sacrifice to be free”.

On the approach they intend to adopt to achieve the desire, Okoye said:

“We are fully mobilized and ready. Politicians and all those
masquerading as leaders in the various places don’t vote on Election
Day. It is the masses that do the voting. I know that if you stay in
your house and decide not to come out, no security agent will come
there to force you out. That was how the sit at home we called in June
this year succeeded.

“We don’t bear arms and as such will not challenge the man carrying
arms. We will not force anybody, but we have our persuasive tendencies that have always worked in our favour and we are not joking about it”.

He stated that the group will begin sensitization in the next couple
of weeks in Anambra state on why the residents should support the
boycott call, explaining that “no amount of sacrifice is too much for
somebody who desires freedom”.

Okoye, who also spoke on the sudden disappearance of one of the
leaders of the group, Anthony Ejike Ochi, stated that they would
deploy all in their ability to ascertain his where about.

Ochi, 34, married with two children, was said to have left his Lagos
base, three months ago to attend a meeting of the group in Enugu but
allegedly did not get to the meeting or was seen in Enugu.

His family said they had visited several parks, hospitals and police
stations without a trace of him, alleging that he may have fallen into
the hands of those opposed to his stand on Biafra.

Okoye, said that the group would rely on her network to ensure that
“we establish traces of Ochi in the shortest possible time”.