September 27, 2017

Imelda features Hon. Garba Chede, Prince Usman in ‘Nigeria Lafia Lo’ song

By Iyabo Aina

Award winning Nigerian AfroPop musician Imelda J is in the news again, as she recently features Hon. Garba Chede and Prince Usman in a new peace song titled ‘NIGERIA LAFIA’LO’ with more focus on the recent Mambilla killings.

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Speaking about the idea behind the song,  the music diva said she and Hon Chede were deeply touched after their recent witness of how Children and Women were being murdered during the recent Mambilla killings.

They described the incident inhuman, saying  “This is no war, why the killings of Children and Women in masses”? As a result of that and in an attempt to bring a lasting solution to Taraba State they decided to embark on this peace song project.

Recall that Hon. Garba Chede is the house of Rep. Member representing Balil / Gassol Constituency of Taraba State. One of his primary aim is to bring lasting peace to the community to enable sustainable infrastructural development and achieve good inscentives for the community security.

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Also, recall that there have been re-occurring crisis in Taraba State in recent times with both the Fulani Community in Sardauna and the Mambilla Community accusing each other of been at fault. As the Crisis deepens, fingers are been pointed at some top politicians both in the Local, State and Federal Government levels as brains behind the genocide in Taraba State.

However, the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Abubakar, Hon. Garba Chede and many other concerned citizens have expressed their dismay over the ongoing crisis as they sue for peace and pledged to work towards bringing a lasting solution.

Hon. Garba Chede who has won notable awards in peace keeping and crisis resolutions with the most recent one  being ‘Good Leadership And Role Model Award By Foundation Of Nigeria Peace And Stability All Over Africa By Africa Youth Congress’, decided to go the music way by teaming up with the song bird from the North Central part of Nigeria believing that music is one of the easiest way to pass such messages across to the most troubled and hardened heart.

Finally in their message, they urge politicians to put behind their political differences and be leaders to all. They want political leaders to bear in mind that they are not been elected to serve their different political parties but to serve their immediate community and Nigerians instead of using their God given position to manipulate their people into political and religious crisis for their selfish gain. They want everyone to know that God’s Love is not just for a particular Religion or set of people but for everybody. They also want religious leaders and traditional rulers to preach peace to their people in Churches, Mosques, Town Hall meetings etc.

Imelda J who is already working on a peace project for Nigeria and Africa at large is glad to work on this peace song project with Hon. Chede and Prince Usman as they all believe the song is just the beginning of greater things to come in respect of working towards re-structuring buildings and properties that are been destroyed.