September 30, 2017

GLIMPSE: Spirit Of David’s 20th anniversary of Illustrating Exceptional Stories with dance on stage

The renowned Nigerian-International dance club, Spirit of David has unveiled plans to mark her twentieth anniversary of illustrating exceptional stories with dance on stage in Nigeria titled Glimpse.

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A long satanding  member of the dance club, Wale Solade made this known while addressing journalists at a press conference held at the club’s Surulere branch in Lagos on Saturday.

he said “October 1st is basically the height of what we do at the Spirit of David, so basically why Glimpse this particular show? you know we as human beings, we question God a lot, we want God to show us our end from the beginning and sometimes when we don’t see that, we fret. Glimpse is simply making  us understand how God works.”

Wale Solade further noted that as part of measures to teach people how God works, the 1st of October, Spirit of David’s show will be illustrating real life stories through dance on stage.

He said how God works is “almost like a gips of puzzle that basically then goes to the very end and it is how relate that (gips of puzzle) to our everyday situation is what we want tell with glimpse, so you have real life stories told on stage.”

According to another long standing member of Spirit of David, Yinka Aworetan stated that Spirit of David’s shows have impacted lives in Nigeria and abroad for since two decades. Adding that Spirit of David shows have served as platforms for proclaiming freedom to Nigeria and the world at large.

She said “Spirit of David has been impactful… the vision and mission is to refined dance, to preach the Lord through dance to Nigeria and across the world and also to preach freedom which is our message through Christ”

Yinka Aworetan also noted that Spirit of David’s shows have recorded a number of living changing testimonies from participants within Nigeria and abroad.

Spirit of David’s shows for over two decades have also recorded participants from all walks of life irrespective of their faith and this has been largely adduced to the wow! performances of the professional dancers.

As part of measures to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Sprit of David, the show has been scheduled to take place at the Banquet Hall of the National Theatre, Iganmu, in Lagos on the 1st of October and also three different ticket categories have been provided to suit the preference the participants. The categories of tickets provided ranged from VVIP, VIP, and A-Group of ten persons Discount Tickect. And any these tickets can be purchased via