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Exposed At Last! Ijebu Man Reveals The Secret Therapy That Helped Him Radically Cure His Glaucoma & Blurry Eyes in Less than 30 Days!


Dear Friend,

Allow me to ask you the following questions….

  • Are you suffering from any type of eye problem such as myopia, cataract, Glacuma?
  • Are you sick and tiered of spending a fortune on eye glasses & Drugs?
  • Do you want to finally ditch your eye glasses and see clearly without spending a fortune?

Then you have to read this special article to the end and finally discover how you can throw away your glasses forever & see clearly just like a normal person

Who Am I?

My name is Mr Segun, a 43 yrs old health activist who just like you, was plagued with bad eye sight, in my case it was a terrible blurred eyes sight which degenerated into a bad Glaucoma.

         My terrible Eye Sight Practically RUINED my teenage life!

My bad eye sight was the worst thing to have ever happen to me.

As far back as secondary school and university, I could barely ‘’toast” a lady  without them laughing hard at me calling me funny names like ‘’efiko” “Opolo Eyes” ”Otondo” “Mumu” all because of how I wear my big eye glass that looks like a TELESCOPE.

Funny thing is that my terrible eye sight even made me lose the little friends I had back then…why?

Because I DON’T greet them when they pass me by!

Thanks to my terrible eyesight.


To make matters worse, I almost got BLIND…like it to that point, I almost BLACKED OUT!

I thought I could never see…

All thanks to my terrible glaucoma & my cloudy eye sight.

My parents spent thousands of naira for me just to regain my eye sight again.

But my vicious Optician was so sure I will never use my eye like every normal person without me using an eye glasses.

I got so furious, I swore to God to not rest until I seek for a permanent solution to my eye sight problem.

That how my journey & search for an alternative way to finally put an end to my eye sight problem once and for all.

I spent almost HALF of my salary on buying all sort of eye sight pills, drugs, supplements.

Did They Work?

Hell NO!

NONE of them worked!

You see got so frustrated I almost thought of….


So I started a seemly futile research to a permanent alternative cure for my glaucoma & cloudy eye. 

My family and Friend Laughed At me Because I was Obsess With Having a clear Sight & Dumping my Eye Glasses Forever!

It got to that level.

They all made fun of me

They all called me a mumu for wasting my time searching for a cure that never exists…

But I never stop..I never listened to a stubborn Goat I was…

But I never stop..I never listened to a stubborn Goat I was…

So I tired over 50 types of method for curing my Eye problem and did I get a solution that worked?

Heck, I even tried Putting Camel piss in my eye!

That’s how far I have went.

And in all my “trial and Errors” I have a true confession to make here….

Well..wait for it!

    “The Pharmaceutical & MLM Drugs are RIPPING You Off!

Why Did I say So?

They are making a hell lot of money producing synthetic drugs that never works.

And as for the MLM companies multivitamins flying all over the internet, that are just RIPPING  you off as they are not interested in your total well being, just your money, besides, it take forever for them to work.

To even worsting matters, many of their stuffs NEVER works cos it’s all made of chemical based  ingredients

So what worked For Me?

If I told you what gave me my clear eye sight you’ll be dumb founded….

“How a 2,000 Yrs Old Chinese Herbal Tea Restored My Almost Blind Eye Sight & Even Saved Me From Permanent Blindness”

I was on a vacation to China where I lived with a family friend who works in China.

On one faithful day while walking in the busy street of Shanghai, I was brushed by a fat woman who made me lose my eye glasses.

I knew that Glasses was gone for good, so I managed to find my way home, as if that was not enough I got hit by a car!

So I was rushed to the hospital where I was treated, so I used that opportunity to ask the doctor what I can use for my bad eye sight

Then he laughed and said to me….

“Here in China, MINOR things like a Bad eye sight is a very small thing for anyone who know the power of a secret eye sight tea!”

  • I was socked.
  • I was so speechless.
  • I was so Amazed!

So I asked him….

Brother, how can an ORDINARY tea cure a bad eye sight?

Then he replied…

“There is a SPECIAL herbal tea made with the FINEST and RAREST ingredients only passed down by the Chinese Ancestors who discovered formula made for the purpose of curing any eye problem”

He Went on…

“I also had a terrible eye sight too.  If not for this secret tea, which a close Chinese friend introduced to me, I would be working around with a blind eye today!”

To cut the long story short, I told him to get me three packs of the secret Tea with immediate effect.

The wonders that tea have done in my life is just too amazing…


“Eye Bright Tea!”

The Only 100% Herbal Solution for having  a Crystal Clear eyes eyes without Surgeries.

Eye Bright Tea is the BEST herbal solution suitable for all kinds of terrible eye sight issues as it contains RARE ingredients such as Chrysanthemum, Chinese Wolfberry, Cassia Seed & Green tea, all which enhance your eye sight, restore your vision and prevents you from ever going blind.

Eye Bright Tea is so Herbal, it’s name is written in Chinese! Just to show you it’s authentic!

   (Chinese farmers Harvesting the content of the Eye Bright Tea)

A pack of “Bright Eye Tea” contains 20 packs of tea bags which you can use daily.

It works for almost any eye sight related problems, whether it’s

  • Short- Sightedness (Myopia) 
  • Far- Sightedness (Hyperopia)
  • Glaucoma, Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
  • Cross-Eye (Strabismus)
  • Eye Strain 
  • Macular Degeneration. 
  • Cataracts, Astigmatism, 
  • Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)
  • Light Sensitivity, Diabetic Retinopathy

See it here=>

Your eyes are delicate part of the bodies which should never be ignored and treated lightly as they can make or mare you..

That’s the more reason you’ll need rare solutions like this.

How Does it work?

When you buy a  pack of Eye Bright Tea, which contains 20 tea bags,you take out of of the tea bag, boil hot water, put the tea bag in the hot water take a bag of the tea, take one in the morning, and take one at night before sleeping.

I guarantee in less than 24 days you’ll start seeing changes in your vision.

So I ordered for 3 bags of the Eye Bright tea so I can see the wonders they perform.

Get it here=>

But guess what?

Like a miracle in less than 30 days….my cloudy eye became CRYSTAL CLEAR!

  • I could feel that my glaucoma was all gone…
  • I could feel my Blurry Eyes gone for good….
  • I could see VERY well without my eye glasses!

All thanks to  Eye bright Tea for restoring my TERRIBLE eye sights.

I was so happy, free and confident of myself.

I made so many friends, and ladies where flocking around me like sheep following a shepherd all because I looked more attractive without my serious looking glasses.

Do you know the BEST Part?

AS they say, good news spread like wild fire.

People got to know about my clear eye sight secret, but they did, all thanks to social media.

I had to tell my friend to send my 70 pcs of the Eye Bright Tea which he did.

Remember a Bag  cost’s me N25,000 PLUS N10,000 shipping fee?

So I spent a hell lot of money to bring in that 75k pcs.

Get it here=>

But the amazing thing is that It’s almost sold out as we speakth!

See What Successful Users are Saying!

I Can Now See Without My Glasses

“If any one told me I will be able to see clearly with my glasses I would have said it’s a lie, after 2 months of taking the eye well, my eyes are very sharp and clear”

-Jumoke from Ikotun, Lagos

     “This Magical Eye Sight Tea Works 10x Faster Than Drug !”

I never regretted getting this eye Bright tea! I love taking tea, and eye bright even helped my eye sight enhanced very well! Thank you sir!

– Mr. Junwon- Asokoro, Abuja.

The Best Solution for My Eye Sight Problem!

“Mr Segun, I just want to say thank you. Bought the eye Bright tea early January from you, to hope that I can stop using my glasses, guess what?

I am now Glasses free! It’s still like a miracle to me. thanks again!”

– Karimat from Shokoto

Thanks to eye Bright Tea, My Cataract are Gone!

“I never believed that a Tea could help me clear my Cataract eye problem, but here I am, Glasses free, Surgery free and with a clear eye sight. Thanks to Eye Bright Tea”

-Prof Aminu Jos

Read more here=>

So I had to reserve just 50 pcs for “sharp” Naij readers to have a “taste” of the miracle working eye sight solution.

But the Question is….

Are You Going to Be A Lucky Owner of the RARE never before seen Eye Clear Tea?

Well..that’s left for you to decide.

I have played my part by revealing to you what worked for me, it’s not left to you to go try it so it will work for you….


  • Do You Want to FINALLY have a CEYSTAL CLEAR Vision that will never deceive you?
  • Do You Want Feel Like a Complete Human Being Without Any Defect Such as a bad Eye Sight?
  • Do you Want to Stop Spending all Your Life Savings on Opticians & Eye Surgeries?
  • Do You Want to Finally Throw Away Your Eye Glasses?

Then You need to hurry up and grab your own  today or risk living with eye sight forever, carry your ugly looking eye sight with you…FOREVER!

Get it here=>

So How Much Is the Kit?

Remember It cost me over 60,000 to get JUST 2 of the kits in the country?

But because I’m giving a 60% discount for all readers  of this article, so there you go….

Option #1 (2 Bags of Tea)


(N25,000 Instead of N35,000)

Option #2

(N39,000 Instead of N60,000)

To further sweeten the offer, if you go for option 2 TODAY you’ll a powerful Secret Eye Drop I also used to help you fasten your clear eye sight!

I wont post pics as it’s a SECRET gift from me to you….

You see that this is offer is actually STEAL compered to how much I spent to get mine.

Remember I spent over 60k to get 3 bags mine? 

But you’ll just need to spend a few Naira to get a PARMANENT clear eye sight.

Now that you have the chance to FINALLY have a super sharp eyes that you will not need those annoying Eye glasses & expensive eye treatment, don’t lose it as I just have just 20 slots available.

So hurry up and send you SMS to us now to claim your bonanza offer today:

How to Place Your Order Today

Hurry Up & place your order like this…


Send as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064 

**Eye Bright Tea** Option you want**Full name**Phone number**Delivery Address**Local Govt**state**

  1. Option 1 (2 Packs) ==> N25,000
  1. Option 2 ( 4 Packs)=> N39,000

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP

Shipping is Free!

So there you go…

You now have the chance to get an 100% Herbal & Natural Tea that will HELP you RESTORE your poor vision without taking any drugs whatsoever, so you can get rid of your poor vision issue and be have a a perfectly normal eyes which you truly deserve.

  • NO MORE visit to the Optician.
  • NO MORE looking for Glasses
  • No MORE fear of going blind
  • No MORE Bad Eye Sight

All you need to do is to hurry up and get the 100% Natural Eye Bright Tea.

As if that’s not are covered by a 90 days money back guarantee!

So have no fear, go on and place your order right away and use it, and it it does not gives you the requisite result, call us and we will refund your money right away

Send as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064 

**Eye Bright Tea** Option you want**Full name**Phone number**Delivery Address**Local Govt**state**

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP

**Shipping Is Free 

There you go…a 100% Herbal Tea, that’s not a supplement, not a drug but a herbal tea that helps brings your eye to life.

P.S: Know that after 5 working days I will increase the price back to N25,000 per bag by then it will be too late

P.S: Remember if you want to win the Secret Eye Drop, go for the Option 2 or Option 3 and I will DASH you the secret eye drop.

Send as SMS to=> 0909-515-9064 

**Eye Bright Tea** Option you want**Full name**Phone number**Delivery Address**Local Govt**state**

(1) Option 1 (2 Packs) ==> N25,000

(2) Option 2 ( 4 Packs)=> N39,000

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP

**Shipping Is Free 

 Hope this write up helps you…


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