The Arts

September 3, 2017

Eclectic African storyteller thrills in album listening revelry.

Eclectic African storyteller thrills in album listening revelry.

Omenka art Gallery, the hub of artists in Ikoyi, over the weekend, witnessed a convergence of folk and cultural music enthusiasts when Ibejii, a delectable Nigerian folklorist engaged the audience in an interactive album listening party, taking them through a journey of heritage awakening. The choice of the gallery for the event connotes the cultural and artistic blend of the Ibejii concept as a brand.

The multi-dimensional music ambassador with unique negritude ideology as a brand through music revealed that the Ibejii concept is a musical idea that spread across the spectrum of African music projects. Ibejii is a storyteller who uses folklore, metaphor and vernacular to clothe his music and deliver in a unique and sensitive manner, exploring traditional Yoruba folk, Jazz, Dance, RnB, and Juju.

According to him, “In Nigeria, we have people that love jazz, afro beat, folk, R/B and pop including our own highlife, juju and fuji music. The idea of Ibejii project is to transverse these beats for an average African to have a feel of it in all-encompassing music project called ‘Green White Dope’ series. The series started with the first album, an afro music project followed by another, a world music project with the rest done in other genres.” Ibejii said.

Talking about his style and brand, Ibejii has this to say. “When people ask me about my brand, I usually say there are tastes of music for every time of the day. In the morning, you have a peculiar taste of music, so also in the afternoon and the night. Musical taste varies from time to time. The objective is to use that variation to drive project. I don’t do a particular genre, I love all the beats in a broader perspective and that’s what Ibejii brand is all about.”

Ibejii started singing professionally about two years ago but even before then was in a journey of life exploring how to harness his creative mind. “Although I stumbled into music, inspired by my friends who noticed how creatively restless I am, as we started exploring artistically, it eventually materialized to this. We have done up to 35 songs over the last 18 months which started as fun seek venture but we are pushing the music out for global consumption. It is an incredible journey for us.