Budding Yoruba actress, Bukola Shittu, started her journey into the world of entertainment as video model before finding her feet as an actress. She’s an indomitable lady who does her picking of choices life has to offer and wouldn’t allow anyone the driving seat in her life. When her boyfriend started acting weird because her bludgeoning career as a model and actress was beginning to make him uncomfortable, Bukola had no qualms in giving him the boot. Meet the new Yoruba star set to break some rules.

How did you find yourself in Nollywood?

I have always known I would be an actress. The passion began to manifest from my secondary school days. Then, I joined a drama group. Though I wouldn’t say my experience so far has been encouraging as an upcoming actress but my passion is seeing me through. I started out acting in English-speaking movies before I switched to Yoruba-speaking ones. My problem then with English-speaking films is that when you shoot a film it doesn’t get released on time, so on advice of a friend, Oyin, I switched over to Yoruba. At first I wasn’t so comfortable but with time I have come to love it. It should be noted that I started out as a model and I have done some video modelling.

Which is the biggest movie you’ve done?

Well, I have done many movies since I came into Nollywood three years ago. I have been featured in some nice movies like “Ewaoluwa”  where I acted as Olu Jacob’s daughter.

How come they call you Omotanwa?

Yes, it is about my latest movie I am supposed to be dropping soon. The title is “Omotanwa” and I believe the movie is going to be great, that is why I named myself “Omotanwa” as my second name.

What are the challenges you have faced on the way to becoming an actress?

There’s no actress who doesn’t have her own story. First, directors and producers will always be on your neck to date you but the choice is always  yours, because you can choose to accept or refuse. Second, there are times you are invited to a location and you end up not being part of the shooting, for one reason or the other. Sometimes, after having raised your hopes, you are not given the script you are promised and you have to go back home. There are too many challenges I can’t mention here.

Is it true you must belong to a group before you can find your feet in the Yoruba movie industry?

Yes, it is true. I belong to a drama group under the control of my boss, Abraham Oluwole Cole known as Baraka in the industry. It is because I belong to this group that some doors have opened for me. So, it is not until I give myself to a producer or a director before I can get a role. I have a boss and I have my own identity card. There is no place I go to in the industry or any location, they always ask me who my boss is, and when I tell them about him I get a job. So many actresses sleep with producers and directors to get movie roles, I can never be like that. I can look you in the eyes and confidently say I have never dated anyone to get a movie role.

Is it because none has asked you out?

I won’t say they haven’t ask me out, I have a lot of  toasters in the industry and out of the industry, but one thing I believe is that, without them I know can get there with God. I said something earlier that it is not a must that you date someone in the movie industry  it is by choice , if you think it good for you, you want to flow along with them, You can go on, it is not compulsory.

So, when it comes to men, what kind of woman are you?

When it comes to men, I love someone that encourages me, it is not about sex, it is not about money either, It is all about what you want and what you want to achieve. You know if you are dating someone you want the person to encourage you, to acknowledge you, to put you on the right path not the wrong path. So, I really don’t believe in sex, love or money. I want someone that can encourage me,that will be with me, talk to me about my career and  put me in the right path to follow.

Does that mean you wouldn’t mind dating an impotent man if he loves you deeply enough? Yes.

Is it that you are indifferent to sex or what?

Actually, I believe this question should be personal, it shouldn’t be something I discuss with just anybody. Like I said earlier, it is not about sex and money, that is just me. Even if he doesn’t have so much with him, I want someone that would encourage me, that is the most important thing in life, someone that will be there for me always, when I am down, when I  think I can’t go on.

As a girl what kind of men you can’t stand?

I can’t stand a lazy man.

Who is your celebrity crush? For now, I don’t have a celebrity freak.

Would you say you make your money from acting?

Not really, it is not easy to make serious money as an upcoming actress Right now I make my money from modelling. I have models that work for me and I also do ushering jobs. I make videos too, that’s video modelling. These are the things I do to step up my acting career

Who were you referring to when  you posted a cliché on your Instagram that “ You can only play a role in my life not the lead?”

What I mean is that, you can be part of my life, you can be there for me but you can’t take over me, you can’t take over my future. The post was for my ex-boyfriend anyway, he didn’t want me to achieve my dream, he just wanted me to be at home, to eat, sleep, go for shopping and all that.

So you wouldn’t call yourself an emotional person?

It’s not that I am not emotional, but I don’t allow my emotions to overcome me.

From your replies, it seems you’ve never fallen in love before?

Yes, I haven’t. But now  I am starting to fall in love with someone. Back then I wasn’t in love. Based on what I have been through, I am beginning to fall in love with someone.

At what time in your life was the ‘woman thing’ broken?

It was broken by my first boyfriend. Well, I don’t want to talk about my past, because my past stays in the past.

You love taking pictures, is it because you love flaunting your assets?

It’s my profession, its my life, I told you I am a model and I am supposed to take a lot of pictures for my clients to see, I take pictures a lot.





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