August 25, 2017

Wike, Fayose have hijacked Anambra PDP – Linus Ukachukwu

Wike, Fayose have hijacked Anambra PDP – Linus Ukachukwu


NAN- Chief LInus Ukachukwu, a stakeholder in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra state has raised the alarm that the party has been hijacked.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Friday, Ukachukwu said some PDP governors in other states have taken over to conduct the affairs of the party in an undemocratic manner.

He said the governors of Rivers State Nyesome Wike and Ekiti state Ayodele Fayose have altered the results of the recent convention to elect three delegates ahead of the Primary election.


“The party just survived the recent legal tussle and the Makarfi-led caretaker committee affirmed as the National entity to run the party, and things are moving on well now.

“The only problem we have now is that some of the thugs in governors forum have high jacked the party.

“Some of the incumbent PDP governors have hijacked the party.

“The election is coming up in November but there is a very serious problem.

“You know the party has to elect a three-man delegate before the primary election: recently, the caretaker committee set up a panel led by Jerry Gana to go and conduct that election of the delegates.

“Eventually, Jerry Gana was removed in the middle. Upon our enquiry, we discovered that it was these same governors that removed him.

“Governor Wike and Fayose now replaced Jerry Gana and Olujimi, but Wike went to Anambra and called for meeting of the stakeholders and the contestants and election was held.

“The governors left in the middle of the election, the secretary continued and the result of the election was sent to Abuja.

“Unfortunately, after submitting the result, Wike went to the party office last night and changed the result that was submitted.

“That is a very big problem now and with this, you will know that the right candidate may not emerge and it is a problem for the primaries,

“When things are not done right, it will make the aggrieved members of the party not to support the candidate that emerges through a malicious means.

“If a candidate emerges through this alteration of results, many people may not follow him and that is a problem for PDP in the election.

Chief Ukachukwu said that the party had zoned the governorship ticket to Anambra North which is where Senator Stella Oduah and four other candidates come from.

He said that in order to respect the will of the party, his younger brother, Nichcolas Ukachukwu who was interested in running, had to shelve his interest because he is from the South.

He added that if nothing was done about the forceful alteration of result and the wrong candidate emerges, such candidate may not get the support of party stakeholders.

“We have the largest followers in Anambra, that is the Ukachukwu Campaign Organisation and if you do not do things through the right process, it will be hard for you to get our support.

“You cannot come from Rivers State and Ekiti state and tell me who will be governor in Anambra where we have spent billions of Naira.

“However, we will not leave the PDP because of this. Their plot will capsise and the PDP in Anambra will come out strong.

“Where will I leave the party to?

He insisted that the right thing should be done before the Primary election on Monday so as not to throw the party in Anambra into confusion.