August 10, 2017

Northern group blames Kanu for anti Igbo song, says he is acting as if he is above the law

IPOB Leader

Nnamdi Kanu

By Ben Agande
Kaduna – A Coalition for Northern Group has attributed alleged anti Igbo song in some parts of North to Nnamdi Kanu’s action which portrayed him as being above Nigerian laws.

Osinbajo and Knau

In an interview with journalists in Kaduna, convener of the group, Murtala Abubakar said the continued violation of his bail convention by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has led to other people thinking that they would also violate the law with impunity.

According to him, while it is condemnable for anybody to compose rape song against any ethnic group, it behooves on all Nigerians of conscience to condemn same because it is capable of creating the Rwandan experience that led to genocide .

He blamed the federal government for failing to curb the inciteful agitation by some persons in the country while calling for the immediate arrest of all those engaged in inciteful speech in the country.

“This started as a result of the Biafra agitation and the reaction given by coalition of Northern group, and the inability of government to bring the perpetrators of the two warring factions into book, so that who ever go against the law should be made to face the music.

“We don’t know whom is responsible for the song , but who ever is responsible, the security operatives need to be on top of the situation so that they can be apprehend and brought to book. It s a condemnable act actually.

“But for the fact that the government is reluctant in apprehending the people creating problems; that will also create more problems. Kanu has violated all the condition of his bail, and he is acting as if he is above the law and the government seems not to be after him. So this are the kind of thing that is encouraging some other people to come and violate the law.

“The attitude of Biafran agitators have led to the anti Igbo songs in the north, because they know if they sing the songs, nobody will punish or apprehend them. But if today somebody knows that if he violate the laws of the land, he will be arrested , prosecuted and made to face the law, everybody will be careful with the way he goes about situations.

“it’s just like Biafrans who are calling the rest of Nigerians animal sleeping in zoo, and this are derogatory words nobody is cautioning them of. And today some people decided to do it in a different way.

In a related development, the Joint Action Committee of all Northern Youth Associations has called on youths in the region to ignore the quit notice issued to Igbo.

spokesperson of the group, Muhammad Isah Imam noted that the country was undergoing some of its worst challenges and called for all citizens to come together to salvage the situation.

According to him, “ We must get ready for these eventualities with a sense of mission and a sense of responsibility.

“ Many will recall that sometime in July a group of five Arewa Youth named Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) issued a “quit Notice” to the Igobs living in the North. Many Northern Youth Organisations supported the move in principle though not in details.

“ Following that, the Acting President Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo held a meeting with Northern Elders and Traditional Leaders. Some of these Northern leaders reached out to us including the five that issued the “quit notice”.

“The five did not attend the first and second meeting held on June 30th and July 17th, 2017 respectively. They however attended the third meeting held at Arewa House on 28th July, 2017.

At this meeting there were leaders of over thirty Arewa Youth Organisations from Benue to Borno, from Sokoto to Kwara, Yobe to Taraba, Plateau to Jigawa.

It was resolved that the Northern Youth form a Federation of all Northern Youth Organisations under which all Northern Youth Organisations will be registered and operated. The headquarters of this Federation will be here in Kaduna.” Imam concluded.