Morufat Ajoke Ajadi features in both Yoruba and English Morufat Ajoke Ajadi features in both Yoruba and English  films but has become more popular for her roles in Yoruba. Though she grew up in Lagos she is from Ilorin, in Kwara State and holds a Bsc degree in Mass Communications from University of Lagos. She belongs in the new generation of Yoruba actress who are adding glamour style to the industry. Meet her:


When did you start acting?

I have been into acting for the past six years. I act both Yoruba and English movies. Actually I started with English movies; I started acting in Yoruba movies in 2012. I have acted in Yoruba movies more though.

Which Yoruba movie will you consider your biggest?

That will be ‘Adiza’, a movie produced by Princess.

How easy was it for you to become an actress?

It wasn’t easy but at  the same time it was not too difficult. I went to my boss, Big Abass and told him that I would really love to act, he told me that I would have to go through training, so I joined his acting group.

Ajoke Ajadi

How would you describe your personality?

I’m a playful kind of person, I love meeting people and I respect people a lot.

As a beautiful lady, how has life been with men?

These days one needs to be careful with men, most of them do not want to keep relationships. I’m trying my best to have a good relationship with them.

You said men don’t want to keep relationships, what do you think they want then?

Most of them don’t want a serious relationship; they just want to have fun and leave.

Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend?

Not exactly, I don’t keep a serious relationship, that’s all.

It seems as though you have a heartbreak story, can you tell us about it?

Yes I do but I don’t want to talk about it.

What is you notion of Nigerian men when it comes to love affair?

Some of them are caring while some of them are not. There are great guys out there though that wants to keep a serious relationship.

Are you open to a relationship at the moment?


What will it take for a guy to take you out?

If he is my kind of man then I can start a relationship with him.

Can you describe your type of man?

A sincere, caring and hardworking man. I don’t like a man that nags.

When you say hardworking, do you mean a man that will come riding in a Range Rover?

(Laughs) don’t get me wrong, that is not what I mean.

So will you go on a date with a guy on a bike?

That is not possible, I won’t do that.

Does that mean you can’t date a struggling guy?

I can’t date a struggling guy. I can’t be with someone that cannot support or offer me anything, it is not normal.

What do you mean by support you?

He must have plans for me.

Do you believe in love?

Yes I do.

What was it like falling in love for the first time?

It was amazing. Knowing that there is someone you love and one who also loves and care about you is a beautiful feeling.

You were groomed by Big Abass, how do you see the apprenticeship system in the Yoruba industry, do you think it is good?

I think the system has changed and is better now, as an actress you really don’t need to get trained by a known actor before you get a role now.

Have you had any problem with a senior colleague in the industry?

Yes I have. I went to a location around Mushin about  four years ago and a lady walked up to me and was talking to me then at a point she started nagging that I wasn’t talking to her   with respect.

Have you produced a movie yet?

I’m working on that, I will produce a movie very soon.

Why do you think you have to produce your own movie, is it because you haven’t played a lead role?

I have played so many lead and sub lead roles, I just feel I need to produce a movie because I need to bring out my story for people to see and learn from it.

What is your biggest dream as an actress?

I want to attain a great height in my career and be able to give back to people.


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