August 5, 2017

Ezeanuna, PDP aspirant, vows to demolish discrimination against non-indigenes

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu tale

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP governorship aspirant, Zeribe Ezeanuna has promised to frontally address the discrimination between indigenes and non-indigenes in the state vowing that citizenship under his administration would be based on residency.

Ezeanuna in an interview also flayed the Willie Obiano administration as a failure noting that the governor failed to build on the good legacies inherited from his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi.

“Countries that are moving forward emphasize only on citizenship, so under my administration I will make citizenship superior to indigeneship. Once you are a citizen and a resident of Anambra State it is your right to receive equal treatment by government, there is nothing like discrimination, I will fight discrimination like nobody has ever fought it.

“Discrimination in the market leadership and anywhere else is a sin in my book and I will outlaw it in my administration,” the PDP governorship hopeful vowed.

Noting what he described as the failures of the Obiano administration, he said:

“Obiano’s government has failed woefully and its priorities are not in line with the needs of the people of the state. We need a government that will bring the state back to the path of moving forward. The state has under this administration failed in education and infrastructural development, but I will address those problems on assumption of office as the Governor of the state. “The present administration is number one in the area of squandering the resources left for them and the ones coming in, the revenue they are generating is not reflecting on what they are doing and I am going to change this for better.