August 1, 2017

Don’t drag Iwere crown to political arena, Okotie-Eboh tells Itsekiris

Don’t drag Iwere crown to political arena, Okotie-Eboh tells Itsekiris

Mr Emmanuel Okotie-Eboh,

The Chairman, People for Peace and Justice Initiative (PFPAJI) Mr. Emmanuel Okotie-Eboh has appealed to the Itsekiris not to drag the respected Crown of the Iwere nation to the political arena.

He said he was not happy with the way the Crown was being brought into  minor issues in recent times, saying he was greatly disturbed by a statement credited to a Prince of the kingdom in some national dailies after the protest that rocked the kingdom recently over the planned installation of Ologbotsere   (prime minister) by the Olu of Warri Kingdom.

He also expressed concern over the way  the suspended installation of the Ologbotsere has  been tagged “politically sponsored by Asaba or Government” by a Prince in the Kingdom, describing the development as  sad.

In Warri, Delta State, Mr Okotie-Eboh, a farmer son of Nigerian first Finance Minister, Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh, implored all Itsekiris to accord the Crown the deserved honour.

Mr Emmanuel Okotie-Eboh,

He said that;”I  want to appeal to my brothers and sisters not to  bring the Crown into  the political arena   under any condition; we must accord the Crown the deserved respect and refrain from  ridiculing  the Crown. The  act of dragging the Crown into every little issue is so sad.  Our  neighbours  do have some internal issues and they handled them without bringing their Royal Institution into play”.

According to him also; ” Let me make it clear that after God, the next for the Itsekiri man is the Crown and so  I am appealing to our Princes and Princesses ,  Itsekiri Fathers , Mothers,  Brothers and Sisters  to stop bringing the Crown into the political field as all persons in and outside politics are children of the Crown.

Some  lazy politicians are always  bringing the Crown into the political space; if you know you are popular,  go out there and face the electorate  and stop bringing the Crown into political field as  it belongs to all Itsekiri Sons and daughters. We should stop making our inter affairs an international affairs”.

He picked holes in a recent interview by a Prince in the Kingdom on why one of the Contenders to the Prime Minister position was dropped at the palace yard, saying that the argument do not hold water.

“Am not satisfied with the reason given  by a Prince in the Kingdom in an interview on why one of the Contenders to the Ologbotsere title was dropped at the palace yard, the reason do not hold water.Information making the rounds is that the Chief in question is a full fledged Itsekiri son”, he said.

The Son of the former Finance Minister also said that;”We once  had an Ojomo of Warri  whose mother was an Itsekiri and a foreigner as a father , which is also a family title like Ologbotsere so what is the problem with the Chief disqualified who is a complete Itsekiri man and again if the community leaders who took the names of Chief Ayiri Emami and that of Chief Oma Eyewuma to the Olu  knew  that he was not qualify for that  title why did they need to add that to the names of the contenders , when the Olu asked them to go back and return in a week with one name instead  of the two they brought”

In his words also;” From that interview, they went out there in the palace yard and came back with just one name instantly,  that one week is  too much and that the other  person was now disqualified because he is maternally  from the villages, if they  knew  the other Chief  was not qualify why did they   bother to bring that name they feels is not qualified along because from their actions they already made up their minds on  Chief  Ayiri Emani, saying that  they do not need  seven days and  to them  it is a waste  of time to go and return  in seven days and they were able to waste the time of itsekiri nation because by  wasting the time of the Crown, you  are Wasting the time  of all the Itsekiris.

These are things capable of bringing problems to our beloved Olu and kingdom ,  they should have spared our monarch, the Olu of Warri all those times wasted”.

“We have many Chiefs with important titles in the kingdom who are paternally Foreigners, for instance,  Chief Anthony Empson Ofoni, the Ojomo of Warri Kingdom, Chief B.K.  Sutherland, Chief Auther Prest and  Chief Atakes whose father was from Orogun, an Urhobo, he did well for the Itsekiri nation .

Again we had prominent Itsekiri sons who were not Chiefs who did very well for the Itsekiri nation, Mr Alfred Rewane , Pa Joseph  Ayomike and  so you do not need to be a Chief for you to promote the progress of Itsekiri nation, they did very well without being chieftaincy holders”, Mr Okotie-Eboh added.

According to him;”I am very sure that between the reign of   Atuwatse 11 and our  present Olu, we have over Seventeen  Chiefs.These Chiefs   are enough to take the workload off our Olu.They should help out with  minor  things affecting the  youths  and the famous Itsekiri  Regional Council (IRDC) can be  handled by them, but they have to be fair , because God is watching.

For peace to reign we must learn to look at the message and  not the messenger, then find solutions to the  message . During the reign of Atuwatse 11,  there was a protest over plan  to change the name  Ogiame  ,but our Chiefs were able to resolve it and peace was restored and   no one tagged it political. Let there be peace in Iwere nation”.