August 20, 2017

2019: Okotie’s gov ambition, a divine mandate to emancipate Delta

2019: Okotie’s gov ambition, a divine mandate to emancipate Delta

•Chief Okotie


At creation, Delta State was so blessed with abundance of both human, solid and mineral resources, unfortunately the state today is still a shadow of itself, and the people living like strangers and in abject poverty in the midst of plenty.

•Chief Okotie

When God starts a thing, He will surely complete it. Joshua was anointed to accomplish God’s plan to take the Israelites to the promised land.

God started a plan using former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida to create Delta State, from then Bendel State, about 26 years ago.

Today, a Joshua has been chosen and anointed to redirect the journey of Deltans to better destiny and future, that Joshua is a patriotic Deltan, an Urhobo, Chief Osiobe Okotie.

When Okotie declared his ambition to become next governor of Delta State in 2019, though it came as a big surprise to some people, many Deltans believe our Joshua has emerged to emancipate the state from perpetual slavery, mismanagement, underdevelopment   in the hands of few over the years and lead them to the promise land.

The Agbarho-born politician, businessman cum philanthropist appears very determined and has demonstrated willingness to restore the lost glory of Deltans, who, despite being natives of oil producing state, are still wallowing in abject poverty.

Okotie, who is confident to assume office as governor of Delta State on May 29, 2019, has started preaching the good news of hope, first to his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, where he had met with prominent leaders, including executives of the party at ward levels.

Okotie, being the first governorship aspirant of APC, for the 2019 election in Delta, has also consulted the respected Urhobo traditional rulers at the palace of Ovwhorode of Olomu Kingdom. The traditional rulers blessed and prayed for him to accomplish his desire of becoming the next governor of Delta State

At the meeting, Okotie explained to the traditional rulers, why he is in the race to government house, with a clear intention to redirect the state to a better place for the unborn generations.

From the day he met with the traditional rulers, there are indications that his ambition is getting more support from across the state, as groups, individuals, major stakeholders and business communities have indicated interest to champion Okotie’s journey to Government House, Asaba come 2019.

One major factor working in favour of Okotie is that he has never been appointed into public office and has not done any government contract, which has made him to garner supports from Deltans. They believe that Okotie with such a clean record is the Joshua to lead Deltans out of the present political and economic slavery to the promised land, where the resources of the state will be judiciously and transparently used to develop the state and better the lots of Deltans, irrespective of tribes and political affiliations.

From all indications, Urhobo leaders, and particularly the Urhobo youths and women who constitute the bulk votes in Delta central are strongly supporting Okotie’s governorship ambition as according them, he can be   trusted to govern the state and manage the resources of the state to the benefit of the common Deltans, who have been denied good governance over the years.

Okotie at different fora, had reiterated that his ambition is not for any personal again, but purely to transform Delta State, with the support and cooperation of Deltans.

Okotie who is conscious of the fact that he has to first emerge as the governorship candidate of his party, APC, and also be elected by Deltans at the polls,   is very confident the processes will be in his favour to govern Delta.

According to him, the resources allocated to Delta State so far from inception of the present democratic dispensation were enough to have transformed the state to be a better and enviable height, than what it is now where Deltans suffer from the pains of bad roads, unemployment, lack of infrastructure, insecurity and unbearable hunger.

Okotie, who also is the first vice President General of Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, has the full support of Urhobo ( Delta central) and in days ahead, he will also take the good news of hope to the people and leaders in Delta South and Delta North respectively, to garner their support and blessings to accomplish his desire to govern Delta come 2019.