By Vincent Ujumadu

POLITICAL parties not considered to be big in the estimation of Anambra voters have started acquiring offices in the state capital, Awka as an attraction for governorship aspirants.


Only few political parties in the state could boast of befitting state offices before now, but in recent times, almost all the political parties registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, started hiring offices with one-year rent payment.

While some of the offices are situated on two or three bedroom apartments, others are occupying two or one room apartments as state offices.

If you ask any of the state chairmen of the small political parties about governorship aspirants of their parties, they would tell you they have many and that more would soon join, even though they would not provide names of such aspirants.

However, checks indicated that such parties are waiting for some aspirants who will fall by the way side after the August primaries of the major parties. In fact, it was gathered that some aspirants of the big political parties are the ones paying the rent for some of the small parties, which they hope to use as a fall back if they fail to secure the tickets of their parties.

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