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Osun retirees and Paris Club loan refund

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Osun retirees, under the aegis of 2011/2012 Pensioners Forum, have acquired the reputation of incomprehensibility as the forum, last month, acted the political opposition to the Rauf Aregbesola government when they swooped on the Office of the Governor.

The protesters misled the publics on the Paris loan refund when they claimed, albeit erroneously, that the 2nd tranche had been released to Aregbesola by the federal government and alleged that he had diverted the money. The Osun people’s aspirations increased dramatically in more ways than one as a consequence.

But the retirees goofed! The claim was nothing but a flotsam of damaged truth, debris of misinformation, baseless allegation, unpolished lie and a mere chunk of noises from the supposedly senior citizens. It is case of the retirees more sinning against Osun than being sinned against.

And when on  Monday, July 17, 2017, the 2nd tranche of the loan refund came and the Osun government promptly announced the receipt, the governor literally escaped the retirees’ scalpel. But the protesting retirees had themselves shamefully pulled down from the pedestal of seeming integrity to the denizen of shame. The government  declared its commitment to deploy the refund “in the best interest of the concerned stakeholders.”

What care from the Osun pensioners with the proficiency of a stubborn customer, only oiled the wheel of hypocrisy and raised the dogged hypocrisy to the status of religious virtues. Government’s “demand of unreserved apology from the retirees for wrongly accusing the governor” is superfluous, needless. But because Osun would no longer stand karat nugget of drivel and Babel as though Osun of recent is fast getting used to blabber months, noises of confusion sewn into threads of street protests, the direct appeal should have been that the pensioners should be honest and patriotic in their dealings with the government.

The Osun retirees ought always to make cautious efforts at letting-loose gently pent-up anger to conserve what remains of the energy in them for survival in these days of global austerity and diseases when old people of the world have become emaciated and meals are oblong instead of square.

And the tidal wave of street protests also stifle both the individual retire initiative and enterprising spirit of dialogue and progress, capable of developing the requisite perceptive and strategy to remove whatever contradictions indentified in the Osun system. Otherwise, the protests by the retirees were a vivid example of poor peddling. But Osun people would not succumb again to what Antonia Gramsci (1891-1937) called the “retirees’ war of maneuver” in one of his several writings on the political unrests in Italy, following the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Commendably, Aregbesola has assumed greater stakes in the Osun enterprises. In these years in the saddle of the state affairs, he has rather acted the monkey and actually pleased the collective people of Osun in practical terms. Not anyone in particular. His banish Poverty, Hunger and Unemployment (BanPHU) through economic and social policies and programmes have re-enacted the Mikhail Gobachev’s efforts, the Russian glasnost and perestroika projects. The glasnost stood for openness, and perestroika for restructuring.

And like the Gobachev revolution, the Aregbesola   BanPHU revolution has removed the contradictions inherent in the Osun system. His infrastructure projects in all the nooks and crannies of the state also connect the Osun economy and Osun wealth to attract investments. His government’s debt manifest has not even over burden the state. The debt’s onus probandi, is the massive development of physical, social, cultural and political structures and programme across the state pro bono publico, for the public good, aided by his drive, consistency, focus, positive energy and steely courage. Thus, the concern of all in Osun should be for accelerated growth and development of the state.

Good! Today in Osun, the official profligate way of life, official squadernania, official mindless waste of the spendthrift years and official easy options had all gone with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesteryears (2003-2010) in the governance of the state.

*OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy, All Progressives Congress (APC), State of Osun.

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