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There is no other way to save Nigeria, ECA tells Obasanjo

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By Clifford Ndujihe
THE Eastern Consultative Assembly, ECA, has criticised former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his opposition to restructuring of the country separatist agitations in Nigeria.

Speaking at the palace of the Olu of Warri, His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli, weekend, Obasanjo said there was nothing wrong with Nigeria to warrant the raging clamour for restructuring or dismemberment.


Picking holes in this comment, ECA Secretary General, Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu Ukoh said the former president and his military colleagues, who ruled the country entrenched the inequities and injustices that led to the various agitations.

He said former President Obasanjo’s statement that “those advocating for seccesion should perish the thought, is both interesting and quite remarkable.

Interesting because Obasanjo had earlier called the same agitators fraudsters and miscreants, who should be ignored, and remarkable, because the same Obasanjo frustrated efforts by well meaning Nigerians to address the issues that gave birth to the agitation when he threw away the resolutions of the 2005 Political reform conference which had resolved most of the reasons for the agitation, including additional state for the South East. “Obasanjo killed the 2005 conference report, simply because Nigerians rejected his 3rd term bid.

The same Obasanjo, who refuses to lead his military club of ex rulers, down the road of truth and equity:Restructuring Nigeria, simply because any changes in the format of the unitary structure he and his colleagues created would hurt their pride, is now sermonizing on saving Nigeria, without applying the truthful medicine which remains restructuring Nigeria along the lines of true fiscal federalism anchored on regional autonomy . Very deceitful.

Obasanjo hopes to cure an illness, without applying the right drug for it. That doesn’t happen. You get the right results only when you apply the right medicine. Certain fundamental injustices gave birth to the agitation for Biafra.
Obasanjo knows that the only way out from this self inflicted mess, is for him, General Yakubu Danjuma, IBB, General Abdusalami Abubakar, General Gowon and fellow members of their cabal, to kindly tell General Buhari, to immediately, without delay convene a committee of eminent persons from the six geopolitical zones, to embark on the process of reinventing Nigeria through a new people’s constitution. But unfortunately, Nigerians know that pride would not let them face the truth.

“The misconceptions and miscalculation, that the oppressed regions of Nigeria, would continue to swallow the shit the creators of Nigeria, packaged for them till eternity, simply because their political class has been helplessly intimidated and hopelessly compromised, brought Nigeria to this sorry pass. The oppressor never contemplated that the children and grandchildren of the oppressed regions would mobilise themselves into a critical mass, shunning their inept and corrupt political class, and stand up with one mind to fight for freedom from eternal servitude.

“The oppressor is yet to accept the fact that the oppressed is very serious in his quest for freedom from internal slavery.

The oppressor banks on the usual support he gets from the elite club of the oppressed, who have been so faithful in assisting the oppressor hold down his own people, usually for a fee, an appointment, a job or some other consideration .
“This vicious game by the master and the quislings, has gone on since 1970, that the oppressor has come to believe that the game will go on forever. But incidentally, the die is cast and the enemy is exhausting the weapons in his bag of tricks.

“They threw the last card of 90-day quit notice, that only resulted in in the agitators upping the ante, by demanding referendum and mobilising for election boycotts.1966 is different from 2017.
“Now the oppressor hopes that pleas to get the political leaders to denounce the agitation would end the agitation. After that fails, we may see the oppressor throw in the last trick or tricks, until his bag of tricks has been completed exhausted, then and only then will Obasanjo and the cabal agree to do the right thing, which is to support, drive and organise an early restructuring of Nigeria. There is no other way to save Nigeria.”

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