July 15, 2017

Gynaecologist says contraceptive use in Nigeria low

Gynaecologist says contraceptive use in Nigeria low

Prof. Abiodun Aboyeji of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of College of Health Science, University of Ilorin, on Saturday, said the use of contraceptives in Nigeria was low.

He made this known in his paper presentation during a seminar in Ilorin entitled
“Pregnancy: The Burden of Womanhood.”

The gynaecologist said even though Nigerian women knew about contraceptives,most of those in reproductive age group would not want to use them.

Contraceptive or birth control is a device or drug designed to prevent process of pregnancy after unprotected sex.

There are different kinds of birth control that act at different points in the process, from ovulation, through fertilisation, to implantation, even though each method has its own side effects and risks.

Aboyeji noted that a survey conducted in Ilorin found the fear of side effects as commonest reason for non-use of contraceptives among women.

He said “other reasons include contraception being unnecessary, religious beliefs and husbands or fiance being against its use.’’

He also said that even though most female adolescents in Ilorin had high knowledge of HIV/AIDS and knew that condom use could prevent it, only few of them use it.

He noted that the commonest source of knowledge of HIV/AIDS was through friends, while other people had the belief that the condition could be transmitted through use of the same bath towel.

The expert urged government at all levels to formulate policy of free and compulsory education for the society.

He said an informed society would be able to use such information appropriately, especially in area of health.