July 1, 2017

Colon Cancer: Serah urgently needs N10 million lifeline

Colon Cancer: Serah urgently needs N10 million lifeline

•Serah Osabuohien


Unless there is urgent intervention, 25 years old Serah Osabuohien may not live to fulfill her laudable dreams of becoming one of the best teachers Nigeria has ever produced. This is because Serah needs  assistance to continue with her colon cancer (colorectal cancer) treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH.

•Serah Osabuohien

Oncologists handling her case say she needs about N10 million to complete her treatment which include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Serah, an NCE holder, and her mother cannot afford the cost.  As you read this story, Serah may not go for her next chemotherapy  because over N300, 000 is needed for the section this week. Today, Serah cannot defecate through the anus because her intestine has been redirected from the anus into a bag, known as catheter.

Narrating her ordeal to Vanguard, Serah said she was wrongly diagnosed of ulcer initial before she came to LUTH.

“I am told by the doctors that I she still has the chance of living a normal life if the required amount is available for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The doctor told me when the test result came out, that I still have about 60 to 70 per cent chance of survival as the cancer cells were still localised. But he warned that I must start chemotherapy as soon as possible. “I was told the N10m will cover six chemotherapy sessions, radiotherapy for 30 days and surgery to put back my intestine, so that I can defecate the normal way.”

Sarah told  Sunday Vanguard that she been able to raise N330, 000 through Niola Cancer Foundation, which she used to pay for her first surgery after LUTH carried out the surgery without payment.

“I immediately started the chemotherapy because I was advised to start as soon as possible, while continuously looking for funds to complete my treatment. I have done two sessions now, and I can see the difference. Few months ago, I stopped walking; I was getting emaciated and felt dizzy often. But since the two sessions now, I have regained my strength back.”

Sadly, Serah is left with nothing to do another session which is billed for Thursday; she urgently needs assistance from good spirited Nigerians to complete her remaining four sessions, 30 days radiotherapy and a surgery.

“Doctors say if I delay my sessions, I may relapse, while the cancer continue to spread until it is unable to be tackled. Right now I have been told I have all the chances to survive, but I don’t have the finance to continue my sessions. I don’t want to miss my sessions,” she added.

If you are touched by Sarah’s plight please call 08134685268. Or send your donations to Account Numbers; Serah Osabuohein, account number:  2039564498, bank: UBA, Esther Osemeke Osaseyi, 0238535081, GTBank.