July 10, 2017

Anambra election: Time to hear political jargons

Anambra election: Time to hear political jargons

Again EFCC recovers 32 tricycles, 16 motorcycles, others from Ex Customs boss Dikko

By Nwafor Sunday

The time to hear political jargons, grammar and unrecognized theories has landed; time for fake promises to flood into our ears have come. Anambra election no doubt is by the corner but should we continue repeating our mistakes over and over again? Shouldn’t we control our throat and say no to ‘Usa’.

We need development more than a short quench of hunger. Let’s stop falsehood and face reality. We are suffering and perhaps need urgent change in our psycho-political behavior. Research holds it that poor management and wrong choices of leaders during election pose a major threat, conflict, hatred and retard national development.

However, in every electioneering period in Nigeria, research equally has it that political contender’s splash items like sewing machines, tricycles, motorcycles etc and money on electorates to spur them into convincing and speaking well about them. They call it youths empowerment and a fight against unemployment. But think out and tell me where they were until this moment they needed our assistance. This dastardly act tends to corrupt the conscience of the electorates, thereby rendering them incapacitated in making wiser choice. You should not expect me to tell you this for I believe you know more than I do.

This undoubtedly shouldn’t be my concern but it should be because I am affected by our wrong decisions during election. A strong campaign strategy used in wooing more believers into ones political pocket is something to be challenged.  Or don’t you think so?

What we want is good governance, promises delivered and not petty gift and money. Beware my people; time has come again for false promises. The time for our village squares to experience again new foots on its moist land after a long abandoned years. Our impassable roads to see jeeps in convoy taking paths from it, admits it’s ugly and dilapidated condition. And our aching hearts to pounder on a new political jargon and promises that will never be fulfilled

It is worthy to note that most contenders do not seek for what to do for us but rather, look inwardly to ascertain the colossal quality of things to take from us. A look at the previous contender’s activities in Nigeria will be an insight to the stated facts above.  The fort coming Anambra gubernatorial election should carefully be followed to avoid making wrong choices.

Anambra is a great state that needs great development to compete internationally. And development cannot be achieved via lackadaisical approach rather intelligible choices.

Say no to their gifts and vote your conscience. Feel not intimidated because we are supreme together. Without us they cannot be there and with us they cannot be there if we so decide.