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27 Fulani, 6 villagers killed in Kaduna- Police

The Police said on Wednesday calm has been restored to villages in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, where 33 people died in clashes between villagers and Fulani.

A total of 27 Fulani people living in the area were killed by the villagers in two separate attacks, while six villagers died, the police said on Wednesday in Kaduna.

Mr Agyole Abeh, the Commissioner of Police in the state, said at a press briefing that the incident started on July 11, when some villagers attacked a Fulani boy and his father.

He said that the death of the boy later in a hospital, prompted some Fulani youth to attack the village where those who allegedly killed the boy hailed from and in the process six villagers died.

“The youths from the area immediately mobilised and went into the bush attacking and killing, maiming and burning any Fulani settlement within their sight.

“The police were contacted and immediately moblilized and went to the scene, but the youths had already fled into the surrounding bushes leaving behind a death toll of 26 Fulanis, which are mostly women and children.

“The injured were also recovered and taken to hospital where they are receiving treatment.

“Calm has been restored to the area and a joint police/military presence has been beefed up in the area to bring about lasting peace and restore confidence in the people of the community.”

The commissioner assured that the police would arrest and prosecute “those responsible for this dastardly and callous act.”

Abeh berated a section of the media for erroneous report of the incident, and advised practitioners to always authenticate their facts before going public, so as not to misinform and further escalate such clashes.

The command also paraded 57 suspected criminals arrested for alleged rape, armed robbery and illegal possession of fire arms, kidnappings, cattle rustling, and theft.

The commissioner said six cars, arms and ammunition were recovered from the suspects as investigation continues.



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