June 14, 2017

Why I want to govern Anambra, by Nwike, aspirant

Why I want to govern Anambra, by Nwike, aspirant


Dr. Bufo Nwike, a Dublin, Ireland based medical practitioner, is a younger brother to the former deputy governor of Anambra State, Chief Chuddy Nwike who himself was at one time the National Vice Chairman of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN.

Chuddy Nwike was kidnapped and killed even after ransom had been paid at a time his younger brother, Bufo Nwike was oiling his own political machine to contest the governorship election in Anambra State in 2014. Bufo eventually abandoned his governorship project and returned to his base in Ireland. Few years after, Nwike is back with his sights set on the Anambra governorship. He spoke in an interview on his plans and purpose.



Why did you abandon your governorship campaign three years ago?

Yes. I nursed the ambition to contest for governor but what happened that led to my fleeing the country is still in the public domain. My brother, Chuddy Nwike, who was the deputy Governor to former Governor Ezeife in the administration of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP), was kidnapped and later killed by his abductors after a ransom had been paid. It was devastating to me in particular and my immediate family. For a whole year, I was not able to establish conversation with anybody. I was most of the time absent minded. I would just be staring at the space oblivious of things around me. It took God’s grace, prayers from friends and support from the family for me to be back to life.

The tension and the insecurity occasioned by the event compelled me to abandon my aspiration and flee the country. I moved to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland with my family to continue my medical practice.

 What is the situation now?

Well, God is the ultimate provider of security and our life is in His hands. Having said that, I want to inform you that I was always in contact with my people at the grassroots level at home. I am always abreast of goings on at home and I never miss anything. Remember I practise medicine both at home and abroad. So, even with my sojourn abroad, I am always in contact with my good people who are yearning to see me contest to serve them as governor.

 How do you rate your chances?

Without sounding immodest, I can tell you that my chances of being the party’s choice are very bright. I believe the leadership of our great party would look at the programmes  the aspirants would present to the people. It is about programs and not about personality. I am not rich in terms of liquid cash but I am rich in ideas. I am a civil servant and my source of income can be verified. It is the people that would assess us and ask questions about how some people came about their sudden wealth.

Does APC have a chance against APGA in Anambra?

People are disenchanted with false claims of achievements. They want concrete achievement and not noise without action. It is our programmes against theirs. This is the time to separate the substance from the chaff. People will, on their own make the assessment and then judge. APC has come to deal with the rot which is a carryover from the military era. It is not easy. With the right candidate, APC will beat APGA in Anambra hands down.

What plans do you have for Ndi Anambra?

To start with, our slogan will be; New say, new voice, new ideas. We will do away with the old ideas that had failed to move the state forward and replace them with new ideas that will ensure growth, progress and massive development of the state. I admit the paucity of fund can hinder performance, but the government under my leadership will engage in Private Public Partnership (PPP) to make funds available. We will involve the communities in our day today activities. Their full involvement and participation in government would rekindle their trust in my leadership and thus have sense of belonging. This will surely enhance commitment, dedication and patriotism on the side of the people.

Can you volunteer comments on the agitation for State of Biafra?

Inequity in the polity caused the renewed agitation for the state of Biafra. The agitation could not have arisen if the recommendations of the 2014 National Confab had been implemented. The recommendations were meant to address the inequity in the polity and the agitations would have died down. True fiscal federalism as recommended by the confab delegates is the only panacea to the clamour for the State of Biafra. I recommend negotiation and dialogue.