June 17, 2017

Preaching Gospel can ensure peace in communities, says Jerry Gana

Preaching Gospel can ensure peace in communities, says Jerry Gana

Jerry Gana

Prof. Jerry Gana says preaching the Gospel can ensure peaceful coexistence in communities nationwide. Gana said this in Abuja on on the sidelines of the Fund Raising Dinner for the completion of the International Evangelism Training Centre, Jos .

“We are here to gather money particularly for a school of evangelism where they are going to be training those who are going to be involved.

“The reason I am very keen about this is that when we preach the gospel and people receive Jesus.

“It also brings peace to the community because people are now  at peace with God and when you are at peace with God, you will also be at peace with your fellow men.

“It is extremely important to support a  programme like this so that the gospel can be preached,  people will be saved, there will be peace in the communities, and there will be excellent relationships.’’

Jerry Gana

Newsmen report that the dinner was organised by New Life For All International, a non-denominational and apolitical evangelical movement established in 1963 by Rev. Gerald Swank.

Gana lauded the movement for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in Nigeria and around the world.

Evangelist Peter Buba, the Chairman of the organising committee, said the event was organised  to help create awareness and raise funds for a training centre for evangelists.

Buba added that evangelism played a very important role in Christianity by preaching the good news to people.

“Today we are creating awareness for people to identify the desperate need to train quality evangelists to meet the challenges of our time, especially now that you can see we are living in a generation that does not even recognise God.

“We must train them so they must go out.

“We expect people here to respond, to support the construction of the training institute.’

“The greatest gift given to man is that he does not have to die because of his sin and that he can make heaven, and to recognize it is as simple as ABC.

“Just believe in Jesus Christ.

“Having gotten your salvation, the next greatest thing you can ever do to anybody is to tell them these things.

“That is the place of evangelism.”