By Anthony Ogbonna

The social media has been set ablaze as the Malaysian-based Nigerian rich boy, Ray Hushpuppi who is well-known for his lavish lifestyle and love for Gucci, has been caught drowning in a troll which he started and which has got him a reward in his own coin when the shadded ‘King of the East’ Phyno, and KCee returned back, in multiple folds, some verbal salvo at him.

The Malaysian-based flamboyant boy had thrown the first punch when he tried to humiliate Phyno and Iceprince by saying the duo are won’t of wearing fake Patek wristwatches and hence, they should stop complaining when people pirate their music.

Recall that the Gucci lover, in what has become his trend of diss in attacking Nigerian celebrities on his social media had, previously, pulled a similar troll when he became embroiled in a messy beef with Davido on social media.

Phyno Vs Hushpuppi

Although the wealthy Nigerian who was listed by Daily Mail as one of the ‘Rich Kids of Nigeria’ had hurriedly settled his scores with the ‘IF’ artiste, his latest troll with the ‘King of the East’ Phyno, and IcePrince has, however, drawn a more than commensurate response from his victims and a big gun in the music industry, KCee.

Specifically, Hushpuppi had taken to his Snapchat to attack Phyno and Ice Prince saying,“Ice Prince Zamani Phyno Patek Philippe! If you don’t want people to patronize pirated copy of your work, don’t patronize pirated copy of other’s work. #Hypocrites.”

Note, Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch manufacturer.

However, the equally no-nonsense “King of the East, Phyno, had replied Hushpuppy in his own coin thus:

“We not on d same level mate.. Ulive and die for Gucci… I will live and die for my pple… The hunger is different here man. “

“Matter of fact show ur followers something else apart from been in store (sales man) and rented jet… U are not worth this topic but it’s wat ever…”

“Jst live ur life… Such f*ckery when lame niggas think they d only one seeing money… Everybody can’t be loud like u… Real wealth aint loud…”

“Ive got cribs… live in my house… Neva posted it.. Bought a house for my mum… Neva posted it..”

Ice-Prince & Hushpuppi

“I represent a full continent, nation, tribe, brands, streets… Wat do u represent… #hushpuppi. Gucci? Lol.. Learn life man.. I inspire u jst live for d media.”

“Never… And I repeat NEVER let any one ride ur wave without ur permission.. IBU Onye ala? ..Wat do I look like to u?? Don’t go there Nxt tym cow.”

Continuing, The King of the East said, “ As u don run leave that side .. Allow this zone to enter all of us o.. Cos e no go funny .. Gucci puppet..”

Also, Kcee, one of the biggest guns in the music industry and the “Limpopo”artiste also wadded into the troll by throwing back some really hot words at Hushpuppi, even calling on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to take note, trail and nab the Gucci lover over his source of income and for attacking musicians who genuinely work hard in the studio to create lovely music.

But Hushpuppy also went spiritual by calling on ‘Amadioha”, the Ndigbo’s fearsome god of thunder and lightning, to strike KCee.

However, KCee wrote thus:

KCee Vs Hushpuppi

“Dear Hushpuppi,

“We are musicians not paupers. Who exactly do you think you are to open your mouth and insult a musician that sweats day and night in the studio?

“You have no credibility, no known source of income and yet you come on social media to attack hard working Nigerian musicians with traceable wealth.

“Let’s face it, I think we’ve had enough of this nonsense and disrespect form you. Really, What do you do for a living, what is your talent, how did you make your money, what brand do you represent? I will take it upon myself to raise a petition against you.”
“We want to know your source of income since you now have the nerves to come on social media and call out a brand. Who is your father, Are you OBO, (Davido)? Are you a taxable Nigerian.?

“We need to start asking questions and the EFCC @officialefcc needs to start paying more ‘Attention To detail’.’

Meanwhile, music lovers equally took to their social media to register their views.

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