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Emirates upgrades economy class tech for Airbus A380, Boeing 777

IN its bid to ensure continued customer enjoyment, Emirates Economic Class has been fitted with the latest configurations and exceptional ranges of in-flight entertainment and communication choices.

The latest configurations for Economy Class on board Airbus A380 flight, as revealed by Emirates in a press briefing, include about 427 specially designed and contoured seats pitched up to 33 inches apart and recline to over six inches, seat cushions 18 inches wide, articulated seat bottom pan which moves forward when seat is reclined.

It also features 13.3 inches back-mounted LCD screen on newly delivered aircrafts, linked to Emirates’ award-winning Information, Communication and Entertainmentice, ICE in-flight entertainment system. These features cut across the  Boeing 777 flight which has about  about 386 specially designed and contoured seats.

On board Emirates Economic class, customers can enjoy an exceptional range of in-flight entertainment and communications choices on their flights. Recognising Emirates’ effort at  in-flight entertainment programme, ICE,  Skytrax has given Emirates the Best Entertainment System in the World award for the twelfth time in a row.

Emirates ICE features over 2,500 on-demand channels of in-flight entertainment which includes, over 500 movies from around the world, 1,000 hours of TV programmes, 1,000 music and podcast channels, 100 video games, in-seat telephone, SMS and email, live text news, sport and business headlines updated via satellite, to mention a few.

These features cut across first class, business class and economy class. Emirates also provides free Wi-Fi onboard on all Airbus A380 aircraft and most Boeing 777 flights.


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