June 30, 2017

Ban to join global leaders’ group founded by late Mandela

The former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, has joined `The Elders,’ a group of independent global leaders founded by the late Nelson Mandela.

Kofi Annan, Ban’s predecessor at the UN and chairman of the group, welcomed the former South Korean diplomat to the group on Friday in New York.

The group brings together global leaders who no longer hold public office.

“As a new member of The Elders from East Asia, Ban will bring a unique and valuable perspective based on his record of global leadership and understanding of geo-politics,” Annan said.

He said that the The Elders is a non-political group that works for peace and human rights by engaging in private advocacy and highlighting neglected issues.

Annan added that the The Elders and the UN share the same values of justice, solidarity and determination to fight for peace and human rights.

In his acceptance speech, Ban expressed appreciation to Annan and other members of the group for accepting him.

“I eagerly await the task ahead in this new chapter of my career,” he said.

Ban served two terms as UN secretary- general from January 2007 to December 2016.

He was widely tipped to run for president of South Korea earlier this year, but later announced he was pulling out despite opinion polls showing him as a popular choice.