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Sport Federation election: Let’s eschew bitterness in campaigns – Orbih pleads

An aspirant in the June 13 sports federation election, Frank Orbih has called on the Badminton family to put acrimony and disagreement behind them and ensure that the right people are voted.

Orbih, who is eyeing the office of President of the Badminton Federation Nigeria (BFN) after serving once as the vice, urged candidates vying for elective offices to eschew bitterness and personal attacks and focus on issues that bother on policies and programmes.

He said: I am appealing to the Badminton family that we put the acrimony, disagreements and disharmony behind us. Let us eschew bitterness and personality attacks in our campaigns and focus instead, solely, on issues. It is just stating the obvious that campaigns and elections laced with venom, bitterness, hatred and acrimony will only lead to enmity and divisions once the process of elections are over.

“While I am quite aware that not everyone will necessarily support my aspiration in the coming elections, I plead, nevertheless, that we treat one another with utmost respect because we are all members of the same family, with eyes on the same goal,” he added.

Orbih stated that while traversing the nooks and crannies of the country in the course of his campaign he has come across some of the friendliest and most wonderful people in the badminton family.

“Imagine the abundant opportunities we have available to us to lift the game in Nigeria beyond our wildest comprehension if only we can all come together as one to making positive contributions towards the growth and development of the game in the country. Indeed, the vistas of opportunities that abound are limitless.

“I am campaigning to be the President of a united Badminton family and not a divided house and, to this extent, I request that we all leave behind those things that have divided us over the years and focus on the more glorious future ahead of us – the positive things that will foster unity among us,” he added.




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