May 23, 2017

Scientist urges expectant mothers to eat vegetables, live healthy lifestyle

Expectant mothers have been advised to eat locally made food, especially vegetables and fruits, for the proper development of their unborn babies.

Dr Marian Unachukwu, the President, Association of Female Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria, gave the advice in an interview with newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja.

“A woman who is pregnant needs blood and she can get it in her immediate environment by eating the proper vegetables and the proper fruits around her and keeping herself clean.

“Already the baby would have been formed by your maker, but what you need to do are the little things that you must do around you to help nurture the baby.

“Good food, simple hygiene and eating proper vegetables at the right time will nurture your baby.’’

Unachukwu also stressed the need for expectant mothers to keep the domestic environment clean to guard against infection and to ensure healthy living.

“In those days, our parents hardly had maternal mortalities; they were there, but very few, (those caused by) bleeding.

“But now people are so occupied with things they don’t even want to go to the hospital, and we have ante-natal care (to attend).

“So we are encouraging women in the rural areas; it is no longer in the days of our parents.

“You need to go for ante-natal care, you need to eat properly, you need to do simple hygiene at home to take care of your baby.

“Sometimes urinating and not properly cleaning up can give you urinary tract infection; and when you have urinary tract infection you are bound to infect your baby and from there you may die and the baby may also die.’’