May 26, 2017

Ramadan: Cleric admonishes Muslims to shun indecencies


*Muslims at prayer

Prof. Ahmed Sanni, Imam of the Lagos State University (LASU) mosque, on Friday advised Muslims to shun indecent and immoral acts during the Ramadan.

Sanni, who is also a lecturer in the department of foreign languages at the university, gave the admonition during the Jumaat sermon at the mosque.

He advised that fasting was more than abstinence from eating, drinking and other basic necessities, within a certain period of the day.

“Fasting is not just about abstaining from eating, drinking and some other basic human needs at a particular time of the day.

“The time of fasting is for us Muslims to keep away from all evils; if one fasts and still gets involved in backbiting and other immoralities, there is no reward for such a person,’’ he said.

Sanni advised fasting Muslims to be more engaged in special prayers and supplication for increased blessings from Allah.

“Fasting is not the period to engage in worldly pastimes; it is the time to engage in special prayers and supplication for the favour of Allah,’’ he said.

The Cleric advised governments to take urgent steps to solve prevalent economic challenges in the country, in the interest of the masses.

“The economy is so tough that hunger has made some people to be fasting, even before the Ramadan, and this is not right.

“I urge the governments at both national and state levels to take urgent steps to alleviate the hardship,’’ he said.

The Cleric urged Muslims to seize the opportunity of the Holy month of Ramadan to increase prayers for the country and its leaders, so they will have divine wisdom to lead aright.