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Movie Review: Hits and Misses of Adze Ugah’s ‘Mrs Right Guy’

By Isabella Akinseye

Mrs Right Guy’ is a romantic comedy directed by South Africa based Nigerian director Adze Ugah. The film opens with Gugu Hlatshwayo (Dineo Moeketsi), a beautiful and young bride who has been abandoned by her husband during their honeymoon in the Seychelles. She’s left to work, buy a ticket and return home to a divorce. The experience leaves her emotionally scarred, vulnerable and antagonistic towards men. Love comes knocking when she meets Joe (Lehasa Moloi) who becomes her perfect candidate for the marketing company she works for. However, the new boss Dumile (Thapelo Mokoena) is also interested in Gugu. We’re taken on a journey of discovering who breaks her heart and who makes her believe in love again.


My right guy crew

-Picture. Adze Ugah’s ‘Mrs Right Guy’ is a beautiful picture. From the cinematography to the lighting, we’re given a healthy slice of South Africa’s tourism potential.

-Locations. From the picture perfect beaches to the suburbs, the film lacks nothing for location. Ugah takes us from Johannesburg to Maboneng to Orlando. We see the fast paced city life as well as the slower more tranquil township life.

-Product placement. You will almost miss the product placement because it is so beautifully woven into the narrative that it does not come across as advertising.

-Costume. As expected with the genre of romcoms, the wardrobe department holds nothing back. The ladies came to slay, and slay they did – from the designer heels to the makeup but what do you expect from people in working in the creative space.

-Soundtrack. The music selections were warm and contemporary which further solidified the romantic and dreamy themes of ‘Mrs Right Guy.’


-Script. While the romcom genre is very predictable, the script could have been further developed to allow for more characterisation especially the lead, Gugu. The transformation of character in the film is rushed and becomes unbelievable at a point. Also, the issue of her fair complexion is raised at the beginning of the film but it is neither revisited or expanded.


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