By Ike Ona

His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the first Governor to receive support from all and sundry in Enugu State and beyond. This informed the then Acting National Chairman of PDP Alhaji Mu’azu in one of the zonal rallies held in Enugu to echo that in his political career, he had not seen any politician or candidate of a political party receive the kind of support that he witnessed in Enugu for Governor   Ugwuanyi. He further said that Ugwanyi was God sent and his achievements as Governor will surpass any Governor ever in Eastern Nigeria. Mu’azu is not a Prophet but spoke the mind God. It was also not outside the track to pick the name Gburugburu for Ugwuanyi because he is a darling to Ndi Enugu.

Today, with the evidence of developmental projects already actualized, one would think the Executive Governor Ugwuanyi has spent eight years already in office. But it is just one year and few months in the lion building and Enugu is already wearing a new look.

Ugwuanyi is a man who speaks with utmost humility and candour, a true testimony of Democracy and one who feels the pains of people in sorrow. Such a man cannot be associated with dirty and primordial politics. This is why it is amazing and an instance of ingratitude for Mr. Kenneth Okonkwo popularly known as Andy, due to his role in the movie Living in Bondage, to rise from Plato’s cave and insult the sensibility of good people Nsukka and entire Enugu State through his misguided and distracting letter to the Governor of Enugu State. It is obvious that Mr. Okonkwo was not speaking on behalf of “Nsukka   Asadu Ideke Alumona”   people , who massively voted for Governor Ugwuanyi and who also   are thankful   to the Governor for great face-lifting and unquantifiable projects he is executing in various parts of the state.

Kenneth Okonkwo, aka Andy Okeke

Shortly after his assumption of office, he called a meeting of the major stakeholders at the Old Government Lodge, Enugu during which the stakeholders, unanimously approved all his massive plans for the development of the state especially with regards to infrastructure and provision of crucial amenities such as opening up areas like Nsukka and 9thMile Corner in Ngwo for economic advancement. The Governor has not derailed in his poise to developing these areas as endorsed by the stakeholders.

It is therefore an abuse of cordiality, abuse of humility and abuse of openness for Mr. Okonkwo to tag the people’s Governor as biased, sectional, heartless, corrupt and unproductive person. Governor Ugwuanyi was not bias, sectional, heartless, corrupt and unproductive when Mr. Okonkwo and his cohorts campaigned for him and voted for him. Governor Ugwuanyi was not heartless when Mr. Okonkwo was shedding tears begging people to vote for him (Okonkwo) and Governor Ugwuanyi.

Off course, contesting for an election is for some persons a bargain power for political appointment and contracts and not necessarily to win an election. Mr. Okonkwo falls in this category. He came into politics in 2015 not necessarily to win the election but to upload himself for possible political appointment after the election. These hopes and wishful desires never saw the light of the day. Hence, the quick switch over to another political party where he thinks he can take lead in casting aspersion on the incumbent Governor of Enugu State. Mr. Okonkwo known for eclecticism has the proclivity to jumping from pillar to pole. First, he jumped from Catholic to CPM where he married the daughter to the founder of the church for reason best known to him. Again he has jumped from PDP to APC and now jumped from corporate gentleman to Street-Stone Thrower.

It’s also amazing that Mr. Okonkwo as a trained Lawyer and presumed lover of his people remained in cancerous slumber while the workers in his Local Government Area work month after month without salaries, when life was brutish and living not a desideratum in his home town.

As a young man still filled with energy, I advice Mr. Okonkwo to learn from the mistakes of his predecessors in the same academy of disgruntlement and channel his vision and stamina to more epistemic literature that would generate knowledge production for enhancement of life in his area rather than singing outside the choir.

One good turn deserves another; hence Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration deserves thanks from Okonkwo. The good aspect of it is that Mr. Okonkwo is alone in this journey of ingratitude because the good people of Nsukka and Ndi Enugu per se are thankful to Governor Ugwuanyi who has shown really that Enugu under his watch is in the hands of God. The joy of the people of Nsukka could not wait to be defined, hence they organized grand reception for His Excellency at Nsukka recently in appreciation of his numerous developmental projects in Nsukka town and in other parts of the State despite the dwindling revenue accruing to the State.


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