May 11, 2017

This 2 Hottest SEX Positions Will Make you Last 25 Min In Bed Every Night

This 2 Hottest SEX Positions Will Make you Last 25 Min In Bed Every Night

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I once asked myself; what was going through the mind of God, when He invented sex? Why did God put this strong drive in man and woman. Why is it difficult to do without sex? Why do my dick get so hard when when I squeeze my wife’s breast? I Even Asked my Self Why Do sex even exist apart from reproduction?

The only answer I was able to get within me was that, God invented sex for the sole purpose of enjoyment that is why men and women cant do without sex and the associated pleasure.

May I say however, that sex is sweet. In fact, very sweet. Even though many people avoid talking about it, especially in religious circles, the truth is we all feel it. Even the thought of it alone, let alone the main act, is like honey to the soul.

Though relationships are not all about sex, but wait a minute, it is vital to the growth of your relationship. Remember that moment when your woman will grab your dick and hold it so strong, She will twist and bend it up and down.. really sweet abi? Yes Sex Is indeed very Sweet. You Can Read about how to make sex sweeter Here

It breaks my heart that when it comes to sexual satisfaction, women are on the loosing side. unfortunately 90% of women have never ever Experienced Orgasm. No thanks to their guys who in most cases can satisfy their Wife or bring them to orgasm. Orgasm is a force that unifies the woman and the man forever even after sex. Lack of it have destroyed homes, and made many people to return to their ex, who can really give it to them.

As a result of men’s inability to satisfy their women in bed, Many women have been forced to look for sexual satisfaction outside of their matrimonial homes, Many women has found sex satisfaction in the hand of their gate man and ever their neighbors…

You are not a real man if you have never made a woman reach orgasm, she can never be satisfied if you don’t last long in bed. Click Here to learn how to last long in bed

2 Terrible Mistake you must avoid in bed if you want your Woman to Scream Your Name

Mistake #2 Not Satisfying Her.

It is easy to lose all your self-confidence when you can never last longer than a few short minutes of sex. And any woman would look at you differently if you don’t have the ability to bring her to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure Nothing is more humiliating to a man than the failure to perform in bed.

Women Love Good Sex! Not just any type of sex, but good sex – the type that makes them scream your name with pleasure as they get intense orgasms. The Only Guaranteed Way Of Giving them Good Sex is to Last At least 25Min During Sex.

Many men In Nigeria still have this ugly dumb idea that women don’t like sex and that as men we somehow have to ‘win sex’ from women or do something else (like buy gifts, go to the beach bla bla bla) before women will have sex with us.

Being Able to satisfy a woman in bed and bring her to climax, is the ultimate dream of almost every Man, But most times.All Hope is not lost if you cant last long in bed. the mascum herbal pride is uniquely designed to light up your bedroom and spice it up.

Well Being able to last long in bed will make you appear more attractive to women, it will make you better sexually and you will feel more powerful, masculine and attractive. Think about this. Ejaculating too quickly means women don’t fully enjoy sex with you. Other men out there are better than you, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Its Called Mascum Herbal Pride With NAFDAC Reg No A7-0887LThis is the only Product that have been approved by NAFDAC That Fights Premature Ejaculation Hands Down.

If you ever desire happiness in your Home and bedroom, you must look for a solution to your 1 min in bed problem, If you are not lasting 25+ Min in bed already, Chances are that your dear wife or girlfriend is having an affair outside with probably your gate man who can satisfy her in Bed.

Here is why, studies has shown than 87% of Women require at least 20 Min of active intense Sexual performance to be able to climax. While most men Ejaculate within 1 to 2 Min.

So this clearly show that for your Wife/Girlfriend to orgasm, you have to work on your self and be able to last longer that her! You need to go extra Mile. I was able to last 20 to 40 Min Using the same Mascum Herbal Pride which am bold enough to introduce to you.

You Can Get The Mascum Herbal Pride for N16,500 Only And you only have to pay only After you can received it.

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It does not matter where you stay in Nigeria. just provide the information and we shall deliver the item to you within 3-5 Days…

Mistake #2 Not Knowing that your P£NIS size matters.

Studies Have Shown That women Love Men Who Has Big Dick to Stretch their Pussy and a Man Who can Also Last longer in Bed to be able to satisfy them.

The main reason why Women love large P£NISes (especially those who have had lovers that are well endowed) has to do with the structure of the vagina. There are pleasure centers that are located deep into the vagina and around the walls of the vagina. A small or average P£NIS is not capable of stimulating all these pleasure centers and these usually results in a woman not being fully satisfied. But a big P£NIS is able to explore deep into a woman’s vagina give her that lovely feeling of both deep penetration and being completely “full”.

When it comes to Lasting long in bed and P£NIS size, pay no attention to what women say in the open – ladies like it large. Every chick wants a dude that is awash with self assurance and whose sexual stamina and prowess is enough to make them forget things like dildos, cucumbers, carrots,  rings, and all those sex play things that chicks use to compensate for their boyfriend’s sexual inadequacy.

All hope is not lost if you have a small P£NIS, You can actually Make your manhood bigger, thicker, larger and stronger using The Handsome Up Enlargement Device.


Handsome Up Pump uses air vacuum technology to increase the size of YOUR P£NIS. Once you have inserted our P£NIS into the cylinder, you then pump air using the bulb until air is pulled out of the cylinder. This then creates a vacuum, which draws more blood, the P£NIS meaning your tissues are allowed to expand resulting in permanent P£NIS growth over time.

The Handsome Up P£NIS enlargement goes for 16,000 Only and you only have to pay at the point of receiving it.

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Are you unhappy with your penile size? Do you want a bigger P£NIS? If you answered yes to any of those two questions then I guess today is you lucky day! It is possible for you to actually increase your penile size by using The Super Enlargement Device. Yes you can do it You can also Last Much more than 25 Min when Screwing Her pussy with Anaconda P£NIS..After 2 – 3 weeks of engaging in natural P£NIS exercise, you would see noticeable results.

Look Here Man, Are You Are a One Minute Man? Do you cum within 1 Minute? Do You have Small Blokos? Chances are that your wife is already having an affair outside.

Just pray,  She’s not doing it with your Gateman who can get it up for her when she wants it. God forbid, Your Wife is having an Affair with your Gateman?

Combo Pack

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With the solution,

1) Premature Ejaculation (Lasting 1 Min bed) will be things of the Past.

2) Weak Erection will out of your Way for ever.

3) Low Libido Will Die a Natural Death.

4) Infertility Will will be story for the gods.

5) And You will Finally Rock Big Solid Erection with Big AnacondaBLOKOS.

I have just two solution that will take care of this problem the same wayOta pia pia takes care of mosquitoes Get it Here.