April 16, 2017

Tightening the abdominals

Tightening the abdominals

The Abdominal Lift

For most people over thirty the abdominal region gets to be the least toned set of muscles of the body. We work with our hands and walk with our feet, therefore, somehow, those parts are almost always in better shape than the abdominal wall.

A trim waistline doesn’t only look impressive aesthetically, it also speaks volumes of the state of health of the individual.

Reduce the girth and presto! You instantly look youthful. You will begin to digest your food and absorb it more efficiently.

Once the belly is shrunk appreciably, we can then learn to perform certain exercises which can help the system achieve better bowel action – a veritable way f eliminating toxins.

The Abdominal Lift

As regards exercise, there are countless ways to deal with the bulge of the belly. Some get results from practising dit-ups, others from leg-raises and so on.

But there are some less familiar practices that deal with flabby stomach a lot more thoroughly.

Besides strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, some of these practices can be used for purification purposes along with drinking large quantities of salt water. The following exercise will help trim the waist and keep it so, forever. I have had the same waistline since the past thirty years and I am fifty two now. If yours truly can do it, so can you! All it takes is diligence. Lets consider the Rocking.

Technique: Sit with the knees drawn and the hands placed at the back of the knees. Now, lunge both legs forwards and quickly draw them back and thrust them forth again. Keep this to and fro movement of the feet going continually. If you break the rhythm by hesitating you rill immediately fail to keep going. You may do as few as 5 thrusts and withdrawals of the feet initially and then increase the number of times as you improve.

Benefits: The Rocking toughens the upper thigh and abdominal muscles. The exercise is reputed to also improve the soundness of sleep.

The Abdominal Lift

Technique: Standing with the feet about a foot apart, breathe in deeply and exhale forcefully. Now, with the breath out, draw in the muscles of the abdomen until you have a hollow forming beneath the ribs. The hands should be placed on the thighs and the knees bent a little. Keep the trunk a bit tipped forward but don’t lower it. Maintain the retraction of the diaphragm by keeping both hands firmly pressed against the thighs as you lean on them.

Keep the position for as long as can be without breathing.

Then, ease up, stand erect and begin to breathe normally. Repeat only once more if you’re just stating this exercise. As regards this very exercise, Indra Devi advises gradually bringing it up to seven times adding one time each week.

Warning: People with a weak heart or serious abdominal or circulatory problems should refrain from this exercise.