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SUCCESS RECIPE: Choose your words carefully


“If we want to change our lives and shape our destiny, we need to consciously select the words we’re going to use and we need to constantly strive to expand our level of choice”- ANTHONY ROBBINS.

“I am the greatest” became the label of the boxing legend, philanthropist and social activist, Muhammad Ali. He sounded those words in the locker room, in the ring, in front of radio microphones and TV and movie cameras, in newspapers and magazines. Before facing his opponents Ali would give himself some success treatment.

He would tell reporters, “I’m going to knock him down in five/He’s going to take a dive/I’m going to sting him like a bee/so he won’t see”. He built a reputation by correctly predicting the round in which he would “finish” his opponents and by boasting before his triumph. Muhammad Ali defeated every top heavy weight in his era with majority of them by knock out; his era has been called the golden age of heavy weight boxing. In fact, Ali is the first and only, three time lineal World Heavy weight Champion.

A remarkable thing happened in Ali’s boxing career. When he faced his opponent; Leone Spinks for the first time he forgot to give himself some success treatment; he forgot to affirm that he was the greatest. Guess what? Muhammad Ali was defeated.

The second time he faced Spinks, he gave himself the success treatment and he undoubtedly regained his title as the heavy weight Champion of the world4. When Muhammad Ali “thought” greatness; “saw” greatness and “talked” greatness, he became and sustained his position as the greatest in his field.

When he lost sight of greatness and never talked greatness, he went down in defeat. The key to changing your world is changing your words. Words are conduit of power-constructive or destructive; they are not mere expression but rather self-fulfilling prophecy.

Life would not always give us what we want but what we believe and expect. Our words give expression to what we believe and expect. Words are verbalized or expressed thoughts and feelings. Words reveal the content of the mind. The mental picture you hold of yourself, your abilities and your world determines your words.

You can alter the course of your destiny by altering the words of your mouth. We feed the mind with words and words form the mental picture in our imagination and these shape our lives. Thoughts are the fore-runner of words. Thoughts and verbalized words are the twin creators of the quality of our lives. Words affect our moods, emotions, self-image, attitude and our future.

When we talk about the past we relive it; when we talk about the present we perpetuate it; when we talk about the future we attract it. When you get stuck in the past you get stenches in your destiny. We become what we think and we get what we say. Therefore, thoughts and words are keys to manifestation.

There once lived a little boy who had a misunderstanding with his mum. Becoming upset but yet scared of the punishment that will be meted out to him by his mum; he ran out of the house to the hillside. On reaching his destination, he shouted into the valley, “I hate you, I hate, I hate you”.

Back from the valley, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”. Quite amazed, the little boy hurriedly ran back into the house and told his mum that there was a mean little boy in the valley saying he hated him. He went back to the hillside with his mum and she told him to shout, “I love you, I love, I love you”. Back came the echo, “I love you, I love you, I love you”4. Life will always echo to us who we really are. We get out of life what we put into it. If our words and deeds have been helpful, generous and good; Life will echo happiness, blessings and fulfillment into our destinies.

However, if our words and deeds have been unkind and bestial then Life will sound the echoes of misery, despair and failure into our destinies. Words released into the universe bounces back into our lives to create our experience. In life, everything produces after its kind.

Consequently, you can’t have a positive life and speak negatively most of the time at the same time and you can’t have a negative life and speak positively most of the time at the same time. To get over disappointments and hurts we must get over talking about them. Anytime we talk about our bad experiences for the sake of just talking we relive the bouts of pain and unhappiness to invade our emotional life. We will always draw in the effects of our words into our lives.

Your thoughts are bullets and your words are the trigger that sets the course of your destiny. Words influence our success or failure in life. It influences the way we behave.



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