If you have ever had the desire to explore Nigeria and its beautiful cities while capturing your experiences in high-resolution daylight or nightlife photos then we are pleased to tell you that you are not alone in that desire only that, TECNO Mobile had gone ahead to make that desire a reality for some lucky winners of the CAMON CX smartphone in an activity tagged the #CXSelfieChallengeTour.

The CAMON CX tour rides on the wave of that of its predecessor the CAMON C9 and its viral activity the C9ja Tour. However unlike the C9ja Tour, the #CXSelfieChallengeTour was organized to capture stunning pictures of some of Nigeria’s coolest cities which wasn’t the case with the C9ja tour. The CX tour became pertinent due to the massive 16MP front and rear cameras specs of the CAMON CX. The CX is perfect for taking pictures in the dark because of its dual front flashlight that evenly distributes light in the environment and guards against red-eye effect in pictures.

Now back to the #CXSelfieChallengeTour, two teams embarked on a journey to tell stories about Lokoja, Abuja and Osun – Team A while Team B was to crack Port Harcourt, Owerri and Lagos. Things started out pretty relaxing on Day 1 when both teams touch down at Lokoja and Port Harcourt.

From an interview session on Grace FM 95.5 Lokoja to going on a photo-walk at the historicLord Lugard’s resting place in Mount Patti and then the popular Confluence Beach Hotel amongst other places with #CXSelfieChallenge Tour winner in the city. Team A did not leave Lokoja until they certified their fun OK.

Lord Lugard’s resting place at Mount Patti, Lokoja

Winner of #CXSelfieChallengeLokoja

On getting to Pot Harcourt, Team B on the other hand visited Isaac Boro Park, Air Assault Golf Course and the Wazobia FM 94.1 before calling it a day in Port Harcourt.

Isaac Boro Park

Winner of #CXSelfieChallenge Port Harcourt

Wazobia FM Port Harcourt

By this time, news about the #CXSelfieChallengeTour had spread so fast and was already generating a lot of talking points on Twitter Nigeria where it ranked amongst the top 3 most discussed subjects. After the teams announced their next stop, fans in both cities – Abuja and Owerri became very eager to welcome the teams.

Unsurprisingly, Team A started off by visiting the popular Abuja fruits market and Area 1 Kilishi market before continuing their photo-walk with the Abuja winner of the CAMON CX to Ray Power FM and Kubwa Train Station.

Also, Team B had a swell time in Owerricapturing charming photos of Freedom Square, Nekede Zoo, Hot FM 99.5 and IbariOgwa with the CAMON CX.

Now, if you think that you were stunned by the astonishing shots captured by the CAMON CX during the first two days of the #CXSelfieChallenge tour then, get ready to be blown away because images captured by this high-end device on the final moments of the tour were even more impressive and strikingly beautiful than any other image captured using a smartphone that you have ever seen.

After traveling round the ecstatic cities of Lokoja, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Owerri, carefully capturing attractive day and buzzing nightlife pictures, the #CXSelfieChallenge tour teams finally headed to their final destinations – Team A moved from Abuja to Osun while Team B shut down Lagos after leaving Owerri.

If you live in Lagos and you haven’t been to Badagry then, all that we can say to you is “Wehdone Sir”. Through the sophisticated 16MP dual cameras with dual front flashlights of the CAMON CX, Team B was able to capture Nigeria’s first storeybuilding in Badagry built in 1845.

Along with two lucky winners of the #CXSelfieChallenge, Team B toured Badagry with so much swag and excitement along with popular TV personality, VJ Adams.

From the storey building and its historical components, the team headed to the Slave Museum popularly called the Brazilian Baracoon and the Akran of Badagry’s Palace where they took scenic shots of its regal structures.

The Suntan Beach and Whispering Palms were other notable stops of the team; its obvious Team B was lit on this tour.

While the other team was busy unraveling Lagos, Team A was on a solo journey in the ancient city of Ile-Ife in Osun state.

From their interview session on Orisun FM, to the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Zoo and Museum and then finally finding their way to the great Ooni of Ife’s Palace, Team A was determined to dine with royalties in Ife and share their fulfillment using the CAMON CX.

Going on adventurous tours can be thrilling and even more exciting is remembering the fact that you a have great device like the CAMON CX to capture memorable experiences and share with your network in real-time using a dependable Internet service from Etisalat.

After three days of smiles, hugs, meeting new people and touring round some of Nigeria’s finest cities in the #CXSelfieChallenge tour, the different teams have called it a wrap and hope that consumers appreciate the CAMON CX as much as they do.


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