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Rosabon offers solution to curb N1.7bn corporate lease cost

By Babajide Komolafe

ROSABON Financial Services said that its operating lease solution is designed to help corporate organisations reduce the N1.7 billion spent annually to address logistical challenges.

“Rosabon Financial Services bridges these logistics gap by offering top notch and affordable operating lease and fleet management services dedicated solely to ensuring adequate organization of partner company’s fleet.

“This relieves you of daily administrative headaches and costs, whilst leaving you with enough funds to reinvest into your company and grow your core business,” said Rosabon’s Head of Communications, Kehinde Ruth Onasoga.

She noted that companies in Nigeria, on the average spend at least N1.7 billion annually on fleet management and other corporate lease solutions just to be able to address their logistical challenges.

Even at that, combining daily business activities with fleet management operations is becoming an increasingly difficult task for organizations to accomplish these days.

Organisation’sprofit margin

From driver monitoring, legal regulations and safety issues to driver and vehicle management, fleet management is quite a strenuous job on its own and when combined with an organization’s core business, it becomes overwhelming and may amount to a waste of time and resources, slow down production process and ultimately a dwindle in the organization’s profit margin.

However, some organisations are devising smarter ways to address these challenges by seeking competent partners to take care of their fleet management details so they can focus on their core business operations.

Such partnership saves organisations stress, reduce cost, improve productivity and maximize efficiency, leading to organizational growth and improve bottom line.

Onosoga stated that: “For over 23 years, Rosabon has successfully worked with reputable organizations like Huawei, Exxon Mobil, Ericsson, Transocean Sedco Forex, Oando Plc, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc in this regard by leveraging current systems and infrastructure to manage their fleet day-in and day-out.

Effective fleetmanagement

“No matter the size of your fleet (20 or 2000); our team of dedicated experts is ready to work with you on the development, implementation and maintenance of an effective fleet management program that will achieve your organization’s financial and operational goals.

We make acquisition of these cars on behalf of our customers. No matter the fleet size nationwide.”

She explained that Rosabon takes care of all acquisition and maintenance processes and expenses, including: Drivers, paperwork, record keeping, fuel management, license renewals, trackers, insurance, etc.  “getting the whole fleet for your business use, while your organization pays an affordable amount monthly.”

She added that the most interesting part of this partnership is that, “Rosabon Financial Services, in addition, assumes all residual risks that come with running your fleet. This means that at the end of the tenor, we can either dispose of the assets or the client can buy them off.

“This helps to release our clients from the largest single source of uncertainty in operating the fleet – the issue of depreciating vehicle assets from your businesses.”



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