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‘Patience Jonathan withdrew $100,000 from her unblocked Skye Bank account’

Patience Jonathan yesterday said that she withdrew $100,000 from her unblocked Skye Bank account for medical treatment and that she had intention of withdrawing $5 million  but the bank could not give her due to lack of  funds.

Also this came as the her husband former President, Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, denied claims that he received a bribe of $200 million as proceeds from the Malabu oil deal insists he has no foreign account.

Patience Jonathan

The former First Lady, Speaking through her solicitor, Barrister Charles Ogboli, said she withdraw some of the money in her account to ensure the bank’s compliance by the court order.

“She wanted to withdraw $5 million on Friday but unfortunately there was no funds and they (the bank) pleaded with her that she can withdraw $100,000 in order to comply with the order of court. They have complied fully with the order of court,” he said.

“Therefore the Notice of Appeal (by the EFCC) came late. The Notice and Stay of Execution is a mere application. And we are talking of court order. Appeal has not been entered yet; records have not been transferred from the lower court to the Court of Appeal. In the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, by mere fact that you have an appeal against a proceeding, it does not stop the trial from going on. That was what they were acting upon.

“Unfortunately for them, the order has been executed. Even when you move the motion it is an exercise in futility. So we are going to court to respond to whatever they filed. The issue is that she went to the bank and applied and account was debited with $100,000. There were no challenges as to withdrawal from her account. She was not in any pressure to withdraw all the money, after all the money was there. But this is just for her medical treatment and all that.”

“I wonder why some print media will be publishing things that are not within their knowledge or facts. Mrs Jonathan is a law-abiding citizens and she has not done anything which is ultra vires to the laws of the land,” he added.

Malabu: I didn’t receive $200m bribe — Goodluck Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, denied claims that he received a bribe of $200 million as proceeds from the Malabu oil deal.

Jonathan, in a statement by his Media Adviser, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, said the allegation against him was sponsored by those threatened by his continuously rising profile in the international community.


Eze reiterated the fact that while in office and now that he is out of office, former President Jonathan did not open and does not own any bank account, aircraft or real estate outside Nigeria, adding that anyone with contrary information is challenged to publicly publish same.

Eze said, “Common sense should have shown the purveyors of this slander that the Malabu oil deal far predated the Jonathan regime and it would only make sense for him to be bribed if he had a time machine to go back in time to when the deal was struck.

“The report relied on hearsay evidence from a man of questionable character who provided no substance to back up his false claim. The man quoted by the report said he ‘assumed’ that Dr. Jonathan would be bribed.

“Since when has the assumption of a crook been enough to smear the reputation of a patriot and international statesman like Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?”

Eze further stated that the report wrongly claimed that Jonathan and Etete had known each other for years, when Jonathan served as a tutor to Etete’s children while he was a minister.

He said, “This claim is clearly ridiculous and nothing can be further from the truth. In the first place, the former President couldn’t have been a ‘tutor’ to Etete’s children without first establishing contact with the family.

“This is because Jonathan met Etete who served as the Petroleum Minister in General Abacha’s military regime for the first time under the succeeding civilian administration, when he was already the deputy Governor of Bayelsa State. Even then, the fact remains that ex-President Jonathan has never met any of Etete’s children.

“Besides, Jonathan couldn’t have been anybody’s private tutor during that period, because he was already in the directorate cadre in Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission, OMPADEC (now NDDC), having already left the academia, at the time Etete was a serving minister.”

Eze explained that the series of fake and fallacious stories are deliberately contrived for reasons that are yet to be publicly disclosed, adding that stories apparently intended to rubbish Jonathan’s name locally and internationally, is being recycled with more lies added to garnish the narrative, and is coming at a time the ex-President is making efforts to resolve the issues in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

“Jonathan appeals to the media to report facts rather than innuendo and gossip. He asks that the media ought to remember that he signed the Freedom of Information Act into law and it is only fair to use it to investigate allegations and establish the truth.

“Dr. Jonathan cannot stop criminals from ‘assuming’, but he can and he will stop them from getting away with blatant lies,” Eze noted.


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