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How ‘passengers’ strangled UBER driver dead, dump body in church

By Evelyn Usman & Sharonrose Robert

LAGOS—Many could not hold back tears yesterday, at the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, as two men related how they strangled a cab driver, who worked with UBER, to death and took his car, a KIA Rio, to sell in Delta State.

The suspects, Michael Iyoekpe, 27, and Osaro Egberamwen, 31, who posed as passengers, contacted the UBER driver, identified simply as Alex, a fortnight ago, to pick them at an eatery in Ogba, Lagos.

However, on the way they allegedly strangled the driver, dumped the body in a church premises at Ogba, before fleeing with the car.

Suspect confesses

Narrating how the driver was killed, Egberamwen stated that he committed the act to raise money, return to his home town in Benin and start a new life.

The suspects confessing

His words: “We were three that planned the whole thing. Myself, Michael and Destiny, who is at large. Michael brought Destiny to me at a betting centre. We got talking and he took me to a bar where I poured out my heart to him about my present predicament.

“I told him that I needed money to go back to Benin and start a new life since there is nothing to do in Lagos. He told me that his boss needed a car to buy and sold the idea of collecting the UBER driver’s. He also invited Destiny.”

How driver was killed

Continuing, he said: “But on the day we were to carry out the mission, Michael did not go with us, but promised to join us. Destiny and I waited at Obawole and called the UBER cab driver.

“When he arrived, Destiny and I sat at the back. On the way, I brought out a Military belt and tied Alex’s (driver) neck. As he was struggling, Destiny pulled the belt backward, while I took over the steering. When we were sure that he was dead, we dumped his body inside a church.

“Immediately, we called Michael and informed him that we had the vehicle. But when his boss was contacted, he refused to have anything to do with the car after he was informed that the owner was killed.”

Asked who opened the church’s gate for them at that time of the night (10.30p.m.), he said that they met it opened.

Alleged accomplice exonerates self

On his part, Michael, who hails from Cross River State, said that he never discussed killing the UBER driver with Egberamwen, but that he only informed him that his boss needed a car to buy.

He said: “Osas (Egberamwen) called me and I went to meet them at the bus stop, only to find them inside a car. When I asked where they got the car from, they said they strangled its owner to death.

“At that point, I told them that I was not interested. I did not go with them for the operation, as I lied that I was going to see my girlfriend. When I asked what he was going to do with the car, he said he would take it to Benin and requested that I give him some money.

“The next day, I called him on the phone to know where he was and to inform him that I was scared over what they did. I was not able to sleep since they committed the act.

“I even confided in my girlfriend, who advised me not to have anything to do with them again. Unfortunately, he led policemen to my house over an issue I have no hand in.”

The suspects, as gathered, would be charged to court soon.


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