By Ayo Onikoyi

Ify Adibeli has been wearing the toga of the ‘Nollywood’s hottest virgin’ for a while now after featuring in a blockbuster movie ‘Hottest Virgins’. In most of the stories writen about her, she’s referred to as the Nollywood’s hottest virgin but the disarmingly pretty Ify, who will clock 21 in September, says she’s already an adult and what should be expected of adults should be expected of her.

When Potpourri asked her how she feels when they refer to her as a virgin, the ‘Adultrous Nun’ producer smiled and said it is actually laughable that anyone could think of her as a virgin.

“That is so laughable, when they call me Nollywood virgin, I just laugh. That is actually a nickname and it is not a bad one, I just feel funny because it is actually linked to a movie, ‘Nollywood Hottest Virgin’ I did which brought me out a little. When  they call me that, I just take it considering my little stature.  People are always like- Oh she is really a virgin and I just laugh it out. It is fun, fun, fun.  So , when people call me, Nollywood virgin, I don’t get angry,” she said.

But is she really a virgin? We asked. “ “Common at my age, I have a boyfriend. I really can’t deceive myself about that, I have sex. I really cannot lie to myself about that. I am an adult already and it is something that is very real. I have to be real to myself and been real to oneself is telling the truth. I am not ashamed to actually say that.  I don’t laugh because I am really a virgin, I laugh because it is actually very funny. A funny name to actually call someone. I haven’t heard people calling people that name for a very long time. It hardly comes by,” she answered

At just 21, Ify has made a name for herself in the industry. In the last couple of years, she has produced about five short movies and she recently launched her own online TV, Adibeli TV, which is trending respectably.


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