April 17, 2017

GTBank tackles customers complain

NSE admits GTBank Holdco structure, lists shares

Felix Ola Ayi
Good afternoon, please how long does it take to correct a dispense error after a complaint form has been submitted?

Hello Felix Ola Ayi, Thank you for chatting with us, May we know when the complaint form was submitted.

Felix Ola Ayi
Yesterday morning

Felix Ola Ayi
What actually happened was that on Wednesday that I was trying to withdraw from my GTBank ATM. Suddenly, all the ATM switched off. Then it powered on again and swallowed my card. After complaining I was asked to come back the next day.
When I got there, I was given my card and directed to fill a complaint form for my account that was debited which I did. Till now I have not been credited.

May we know the date given at the branch for resolution of your complaint?

Balikis Balpeck.
Hello, I tried using POS to purchase somethings today but the money has not been approved and has been debited from my account. What is happening? Please I need to know.

Hi Balikis Balpeck. Thank you for chatting with us. We empathize with you on this experience. We would like to inform you that errors such as this are usually auto-reversed within 24 business hours. However if after this time the money has not been reversed, please contact us. Cheers

Prince Chop Moni Ochuru
Why is it that I can’t receive Western Union fund via my internet banking platform? It is almost a week. Now you have introduced MoneyGram, but it is not on my internet banking menu. Please clarify.

Good morning, thank you for chatting with us. Please may we know if you want to receive the said funds via Western Union or Moneygram?

Shakirah Badru Mahmud,
I reported an issue here that I have not been alerted on the money transferred to my account since Monday. This has not been resolved.

Good morning Shakirah Badru Mahmud, thank you for chatting with us. Please may we know if you have checked your account balance for these funds, if not please do and get back to us. If yes, please liaise with the sender to provide these details to enable…See More

Benjamin Evergreen Mammah
GTBank, A status was placed on my account and I was not notified. I went to pay in Skye Bank a cheque of N250,000 and that was when I was informed it won’t be possible because my account (current account) has been restricted to a cheque of about N100,000. I have reported this to the branch (karu1 Nasarawa state) where I opened the account and nothing has been done .

Hi Benjamin Evergreen Mammah. Thank you for chatting with us. We empathize with you on this experience. May we know the information you got when you visited the branch. We are here to help

Onohehe Gbele
I opened an account using 737. I thought I would just go to the bank and collect my ATM card but was made to go through paperwork than I expected. After which I was told it’s not available. I am so stressed out and unimpressed with the service
Hello Onohehe Gbele. We empathize with you on this experience. Kindly send us an in box message here on Facebook and provide more details on your complaint to enable us assist/advise you appropriately. We are here to help.

Olufunmi Debi
I can’t just keep mute and let you people take away the little am having, deducting almost N300 every month. Haba! It’s getting too much. I keep on complaining and it hasn’t been resolved.

Hello Olufunmi Debi . Thank you for contacting us. Please send us an inbox message so we can assist . Thank you.

Ametu Asishana
I went to ATM to make withdrawal. I was debited and not paid.

Hello Ametu Asishana, we empathize with you on this. Please know that we are working on the resolution of your complaint and will revert soon. Thank you.

Yakubu Nefisat
GTBank I received an interest capitalized alert from your bank to my account but the interest was not added to my balance . Why?

Hello Yakubu Nefisat . Thank you for contacting us. Please visit our Facebook page, on the right hand side you will see message. Simply click the message icon to send us a direct message. Thank you.