By Ayo Onikoyi
Ace comedian, born Francis Agoda and known worldwide as I Go Dye, is always on the forefront of crusade of youth empowerment and self emancipation. It thus comes as no big surprise when he penned a little message to younger comedians to commemorate his birthday on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

I Go Die

In the message made available to Vanguard, I Go Dye iterates the importance of shunning inner fears to conquer in any endeavour in life.
” There are so many stars in the sky, and everyone, old and young, has a million chances to be in the spotlight. So there’s absolute freedom to express any skill, talent or vision. The stage has beautiful spaces for new stars. You should constantly dare and challenge and conquer the fears within, because the battle is won from within,” he writes.

The ace comedian, who fought his own life’s battle to rise from grass to grace never passed off the opportunity to chip in a word of inspiration to the younger ones, always reminding them that the battle of life starts with self conquest.
Some years ago, the ebullient humour merchant held many  spellbound at an Edo carnival with a stirring speech on empowering youths.

In his speech, he said “I have always been an advocate of positive and inspirational motivation to many youths through my creative work on stage. That event was one of the many occasions, that I have used to express the shortcomings of our political class; urging them to empower the NIGERIAN YOUTHS. I am championing a cause presently, which is structured to reposition the youths towards achieving a Mental Revolution. I have always identified with this struggle through, IGODYE, an acronym which means Initiative Guide on Developing Youths Endowments. So the performance in youth summit in Benin City,  was just a continuation, that has been existing all along”

Today, there is no way you can talk about the comedy industry in Africa without making reverence to Nideo Spain awarded  African Best comedian, TV People New York African Best Comedian, A  three-time multiple awarded Nigerian Best comedian, and United Nations Millennium Goal Ambassador ,ambassador Francis Agoda.

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