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Don blames insecurity in Nigeria on injustice, poverty

By Emma Una

CALABAR— POFESSOR Akon  Esu, a lecturer in the  Faculty of Education at the  University of Calabar, Cross River State, has identified injustice, corruption and poverty as  the major forces  responsible  for  the  insecurity ravaging several  parts of Nigeria.

Professor Akon,  who is the President, Institute for Universal Harmony, spoke at the inauguration of the board of director and fellowship members  of the Institute in Calabar, weekend. He noted that several parts of the county were being ravaged by militancy, insurgency and cultism perpetrated mostly by youths who feel rejected and sidelined following  failure of government at all tiers to address their needs.

She said: “Conflict and rancour are ravaging several parts of this country, including Cross River State, and perpetrated by youths who are the future leaders of this country but feel left out and sidelined by government which is supposed to address their needs, rather  what they experience  daily is injustice, corruption and poverty carried out by those in authority  which are the reasons they  are taking to violence.”

She said that the Institute for Universal Harmony  was initiated as a platform to  address  conflicts  and crises amongst aggrieved  communities, persons, and countries  through dialogue in order to  restore love  in the society and enhance  peaceful co-existence among diverse  people.

“Crises and conflicts have brought phenomenal consequences upon many parts of this country and indeed the world and until men of goodwill undertake the mission of delivering quality training to residents of various communities on the benefits of harmonious existence, peace will continue to elude the world,” Esu stated.

According to her, people need to supplement traditional knowledge of communal existence with life changing modern ideas of global  technological ideas which include advancing  prosperity and development  so that the future would be peaceful and  harmonious in all parts of the world.

She said through advocacy, the Institute will reach out to communities, local government and state and opinion leaders on the need to eschew, injustice, corrupt tendencies and oppression of the less privileged so that people will not be provoked to acts of violence in the country.

“We shall through advocacy undertake vigorous education and enlightenment of  people of all categories on the need to do away with corruption, injustice and oppression so that those who feel aggrieved by their actions would have a change of heart and live in harmony with others.”


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