Facing The Ka'aba

April 28, 2017

Create Religious Affairs Ministry now, NACOMYO tells FG

By Harroon Balogun

National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations, NACOMYO, has advocated for the establishment of Ministry of Religious Affairs or Agency that will regulate and monitor the activities of religious preachers in the country, stating that licensing of religious preachers in the country will check their excesses and act as an antidote to hate preachings and inflammatory utterances that tend to undermine the fragile peace in the country.

While noting that such agency exists in certain parts of the country, it stressed the need to empower and strengthen them to enable them carry out such function, and towards making the preachers to be refined, disciplined and apply decorum in calling people to the way of God.

The appeal is coming on the heels of hate preaching and inciting statements credited to a prominent clergy in the country and who is under investigation.

NACOMYO noted that religion is taking a new trend, capable of causing Nigerians to take up arms against themselves. It called on government to rise to the occasion and take proactive initiatives at stemming the tide and averting religious crises in the overall interest of nationhood.

It renewed its call for the resuscitation of Nigerian-Inter Religious Council (NIREC) and with more vigour as a means to checking religious bigotry, intolerance and to ensuring interfaith cooperation and collaboration for development.

Development and advancement

NACOMYO also emphasized the need for caution and restraint on the part of stakeholders and especially those at the helm of affairs, asking them to eschew sentiments and be ‘part of the solution’ rather than being ‘part of the problem’.

Noting the Qur’anic statute (2:256), “Let there be no compulsion in religion….”,NACOMYO urged Muslims and Christians to close ranks for a collaborative approach to challenges facing the country. It reminded them that as stakeholders, it was incumbent on them to sacrifice and be dedicated to the cause of the nation.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Youth apex body as decried President Trump’s new order on emigrants, saying it is cruel, unfriendly and ungenerous. It noted that new American President’s order on Visa has implications on International cooperation and collaboration for development and advancement.

It therefore implored the new occupant of the ‘White house’ in America to have a rethink on the order which has sparked a global  outcry, just as the group called on the Nigerian government and other affected countries to explore diplomatic approach at forcing President Trump to rescind his anti racist policies.