April 16, 2017

You can only give me STD once, never twice, singer Soblinkx warns

You can only give me STD once, never twice, singer Soblinkx warns


By Ayo Onikoyi

Asomugha Uchechukwu Sonia known as Soblinkx in the music world is half Igbo, half Ghanaian and she’s gradually warming her way into the hearts of music lovers in the country. With her first major audio single ‘Kpako’ with a lot of afrobeat influence, Soblinkx announced her arrival on the scene.“ My audio single “Kpako” has given me so many shows and airplay with many radio interviews. I can’t wait  to start releasing my songs back to back. Some of my yet to be released single are, Bum don’t lie, Me & You, Tere, Loyal, Down low, Boss of ma game, You got one etc,” she told Potpourri in a chat

Beautiful, jovial and down-to-earth, Soblinkx is an interviewer’s delight and she doesn’t take prisoners when it comes to expressing her views. When Potpourri asked her of five things that would make her dump a guy, Soblinkx didn’t mince words.

“ The number one thing that will make me dump a man is if he’s a very dirty man. Number two is when my man cheats to my face, I will go, because that shows he has no love and respect for me. Three, if my man is lazy and weak, I will dump him. Four,  if he’s not caring, truthful, supportive and proud of me, I will leave his life and finally, if my man gives me a sexual transmitted disease (STD) the second time, I will run for my dear life,” she answered

When Potpourri probed further on why she would have to wait the second time after being infected with a sexually transmitted disease the first by a lover, she retorted: “Of course he will beg with all his life, explaining how he was tempted and how it happened mistakenly. So, because I love him, I will forgive him and we go for total cleansing and after that and it happens again, I will know that not only does he cheats constantly but cheats with different women without protection”