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All Okorocha’s appointees do not have access to him – Henry Nwabueze

I have carefully studied the letter written by the former Governor of Imo State, His Excellency Chief (Dr) Ikedi Ohakim to his successor His Excellency Chief Owelle Anayo Okorocha, Executive Governor of Imo State.

This letter which is trending both in the formal and social media has elicited both panic on the side of the government and sober reflection on the part of the citizens.

I am deeply humbled beyond description. It has therefore become imperative at this time for me to join well meaning Imo citizens to personally apologize to His Excellency Chief (Dr) Ikedi Ohakim and the good people of Imo State for the predominant role I personally played in inflicting Rochas Okorocha on our people. For inflicting hardship, poverty, bad governance and family business on Imo people.

Many people might begin to wonder who is this. My name is Hon Henry Nwabueze, Former SA on Youths to Governor Okorocha, Former President NYCN, Member National Conference (CONFAB) 2014. I am presently the National Leader/Founder Young Democratic Party YDP. #THELIGHTHASCOME.

Now back to the subject matter. To God we worship, everything Ohakim said in the letter to Governor Okorocha is basically the fact. Every Nigerian should read that letter.

Ohakim deserves commendation. His record keeping acumen was second to none.

I was there from the beginning of the conspiracy. I was an inner member of Okorocha’s kitchen cabinet.
It is important to state clearly here that almost all Okorocha’s appointees do not have access to him. But I did.

Most of them including his present SSG Sir George Eche go through me to have access to him. He runs Imo from his pocket. This is the truth. This is to show the closeness I had with Okorocha.

Many might be pondering why I resigned from Okorocha’s cabinet. That is a matter very shameful but for another day.

I want to vividly recollect for now only two incidents that have been a burden to my heart.

1. As soon as we assumed office, I initiated a program of training Young and brilliant good people of Imo State indigenes for an exchange/internship programme in Maryland University USA through the CEO of Kwakaf International (an international consultancy firm) my good friend and a brother to the former United Nation Secretary General, Kofi Annan.

We concluded with the consultant and the Maryland University and they agreed that we should be sending an average of Sixty (60) students every Six month for an exchange programme ( 960 Students in eight (8) Years, which would have been a very huge human capacity investment for the Imo people and by extension Young Imolite would have acquired international experience from the university, colleagues from different universities across the Globe and certificates that would have made them employable by any international organisation in and around the United State of America.

Rochas truncated their dream when he asked me “who are their fathers”.

He posited that I should collect the required names of intens from his elder brother, sister and the rest of his family, but I insisted that we should abide by the initial plan that the beneficiaries should be spread across the entire LGA of the State.

Rochas strongly objected my submission and to fund the program as earlier agreed thereby deprived the young people of Imo State a life time opportunity.

It was at this point I knew that Imo people have entered one chance. I saw how heartless, clueless and wicked, Rochas has become immediately after he was sworn into office as the Imo State Governor.

2. We flew from Lagos with Mr Philip Oduoza the then MD/ CEO of a bank in his official private jet when Rochas was declared his intention to contest Imo Governorship seat. The subject of discussion was the the money Ohakim left with the bank. Ohakim left over N26b and N13.3b bond money.

In our meeting in Owerri Rochas promised Heaven on earth to Mr Oduoza. I was shocked when the bank subsequently allowed him to withdraw the bond money to settle his huge debt with various banks while Oguta Wonderlake project was killed by Rochas.

Again it was Chike Okafor of another bank who advised Okorocha in my presence on how to write the letter blocking all Imo Accounts when he had not been sworn in as Governor.

I was there when they deceived the then Accountant General, Mr Pouly to go into hiding promising him Heaven on earth. They later disappointed him. Chike Okafor also advised him among others to sack the graduates of 10000 jobs and save over N300m on their monthly salaries.

The culture of impunity and assets stripping going on in my own state Imo has reached embarrassing and unacceptable proportion.

I hereby call on all well meaning Imo citizens to shine their eyes and position themselves for 2019 Governorship Election in Imo State. Our people are dying, our common economy has been cornered by one man, his family and partners.

People should go and see what he built in Spibat as his residence. The place is bigger than the Presidential Villa in Abuja. If we don’t act fast posterity will judge all us as political leaders in Imo State.

We have uncovered a plan for Okorocha to succeed himself through his son inlaw and Chike Okafor so as to cover their track.

His Excellency Chief(Dr) Ikedi Ohakim I thank you for that letter.

I deeply also apologize for the injustice we did to you and Ndi Imo. GBAGHARA, You had a wonderful plan for our people.

*HENRY NWABUEZE, is National Leader/Founder Young Democratic Party, YDP.


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