April 25, 2017

$43.4m Osborne loot: Ticking bomb in N-Delta —OMPALAN

Crude oil

Oil and Solid Mineral Producing Communities of the Niger Delta region, have charged the Federal Government to come out with the whole truth surrounding the recovered $43.4 million loot at Osborne Towers Lagos and other areas across the country.

The group which spoke under the aegis of Oil and Solid Mineral Producing Area Landlords’ Association of Nigeria, OMPALAN, also warned the Federal Government not to delay in furnishing Nigerians with the true state of the recovered funds or risk what they termed the ticking bomb in the Niger Delta region.

Oil pipeline

The group, speaking through its national leader, Bishop Udo Uzogu, said that the oil producing communities of the Niger Delta region have been watching the ongoing investigations of recovered loots with keen interest and warned that government should never undermine the outcome by not coming out clean on the probe.

“The $43.4 million and other monies stashed in 7B Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, is a ticking bomb in Niger Delta region. Oil producing communities of the Niger Delta region are watching ongoing investigation of the Osborne Towers loot with keen interest.

“The Federal Government should not underrate the devastating consequences of not coming out with the whole truth surrounding the mysterious loot as only the truth can save Nigeria now.

“The ugly development is a dangerous bomb ticking to explode any time. God Almighty has exposed the real enemies of Nigeria.”

“They are not jobless youths accused of bombing oil installations to protest abject neglect of the oil-rich region but, the corrupt elite class, which alone can afford the luxury of Osborne Towers with massive loot from the convulsing and impoverished oil-rich Niger Delta region,” said Uzogu.