By Iyabo Aina

Eno Osagie popularly called by his stage name Winning Jah, is a Reggae icon who has won multiple awards for his charity music. Like many reggae singers, he has never appreciated or accommodated press agency to avoid irrelevant publishers intruding into his lifestyle and music career.

Winning Jah

Recently however, the Reggae star’s daughter Mary, 6, mistakenly took her father’s Diary along to school and forgot it there. She was a child and didn’t know the importance of her father Jah’s private content in the diary. The teachers did their duty and deposited it at the nearest police post and later someone discovered that the diary belonged to the local Nigerian reggae singer Winning Jah, which fueled speculation about the contents of the diary.

The diary revealed many humanitarian works undertaken by the charity singer for a lot of causes. He has worked for victims of injustice in different African countries. He has helped create job opportunities for unemployed youth in Ghana, Nigeria, Abidjan, Mali, Republic of Benin and many more African countries.

He has supported thousands of youth in their pursuit of education and help sick with getting hospital facilities.
In the misplaced diary, there are over 30 pages titled “Sweat” written in bold red and the contents where he attached pictures of his street performances in various countries in order to create popularity and raise funds directly from his fans to help pay school bills for children in the same city. Winning Jah helped raise some money on a daily basis to set up his home recording studio and an Afro Food Market in Pinerolo city, Turin, Italy.

After many street music performances, Winning Jah raised fund to send containers necessary supplies to Children in the above mentioned countries.

Educationa for children had motivated the Reggae star to start his current NGO “Amc1d aiuta Bambini Onlus” in Italy in 2008. Since that, he has vowed not to perform Music commercially but to serve Africa by campaigning for children’s rights, Women’s Jobs and female political empowerment.

A specialist psychologist who attended the Superstar’s diary, confirmed that Winning as a musician was not attached in anyway to materialist gain. His music life was there to sustain the needy and a means of spreading love.

His fans get messages and many unreleased recordings from the artist many in which lyrics were not even as completed in the above mentioned diary. He identifies himself as a Rastaferian, both in thinking and physical way of living. In his diary he catered for animals a lot and it can be seen in various pages where he wrote again and again against killing of animals for food but his vegan life or vegeterian life was not defined.

The multi-talented singer performs with various instruments. He was born on the 12 December, 1973 in Kano state and raised in Edo state. He has studied Theatre Arts at University of Benin (UNIBEN).

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