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I’ve never lived to impress anyone — Angela Okorie

CONTROVERSIAL actress, Angela Okorie, who is currently holidaying in the United States during the week revealed an aspect of her life that was rarely in the public domain as she relived sweet memories of her childhood on her Instagram page.

Posting one of her memorable childhood pictures on her Instagram page, as a throwback, Angela recounts how she created a musical group called, Ängelic Singers”with her childhood friends namely Ada, Chidinma and Oluchi.

Angela Okorie

According to her, the picture keeps reminding her of how awesome and Faithful God has been to her. “This picture keeps reminding me how awesome and faithful God has been to me. I am that little church girl that loves God so much. While growing up even till now and till I breath my last, I want to thank God for his mercies and grace towards me.

Take a very good look at this picture you see that presently I don’t look like what I’ve been through. I could remember when I created a group called “Angelic Singers” we were four  in number “Ada, Chidinma, Oluchi and I.”

We sing in the choir and everywhere,while we were growing up, we could just go to the beach for our rehearsals in Cotonou were I was brought up, so for those of you that think I act all churchy, you are wrong. I don’t act it, it’s in me, it’s an inborn thing for me.

My late headmistress would ask me to lead morning devotion and weekend fellowship in school cause of my dedication to God. I miss all of that, am proud of whom I have become, I practically owe everything to God, no matter my profession and life style I still acknowledge God in everything I do, because its actually my consistence in God that has brought me this far, I’ve never lived to impress anyone and will never, I will always be be me. I am still that church girl that is playful and loves singing.

Okorie is a Nollywood actress who ventured into the movie industry in 2009, after a decade in modelling for a soap company.


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