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Huawei releases industry’s first 5G network slicing router for carriers

By Chioma Gabriel, Barcelona, Spain

Technology giant, Huawei at the ongoing Mobile World Congress holding in Barcelona, Spain, has   released the industry’s first 5G network slicing router at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

The 5G network slicing router provides 50GE base station access and seamless compatibility with 100GE, and achieves physical isolation of port channels based on innovative flexible ethernet technology to provide differentiated SLA guarantee.


At  a media conference  at the ongoing conference, the company stated that with the arrival of 5G, human-to-human conducing  are becoming human-to-machine or machine-to-machine connections.

“In light of these changes, 3GPP defined three key scenarios for 5G applications: eMBB, mMTC, and uRLLC. eMBB is related to user experience while mMTC and uRLLC are to meet machine-to-machine interconnection requirements.

“This requires that the bearer network infrastructure provides E2E slicing capabilities to ensure differentiated SLA guarantee”, the technology firm said.

Speakers at the conference said Huawei’s network slicing router implements resource slicing from the control, protocol, and forwarding dimensions while a full series of network slicing routers can generate E2E network slicing for specific 5G scenarios.

“Each network slice is a self-sufficient logical network and each service can have an independent network slice. For example, specialized video, IoT, or key communications network slices. Different service slices have their own O&M views and can independently implement resource scheduling and management. This realizes on-demand network SLA guarantee, on-demand bandwidth adjustment, and rapid fault locating for each scenario, meeting the differentiated SLA service bearer requirements of 5G scenarios”, the company explained. President of Huawei’s Router and  Carrier Ethernet Product Line,Gai Gang, explained that Network slicing is the key technology that effectively enables diversified network features for different industries in the 5G era adding that the launch of the 5G network slicing router will effectivel


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