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How my expensive jibes made me loose endorsement- Hold Water

Popular stand up comedian Thompson Amaefula, aka Hold Water is one of the fast-risingcomedian in Nigeria right now. The bald headed Imo state born stand-up comedian who is also an actor and a TV /Radio presenter has been in the entertainment industry for close to a decade and he is still ready to give more to the industry that has given him fame. Iyabo Aina recently cornered him where he spoke about himself and the challenges faced in the course of his profession

People know and address you as Hold Water. Is that your real name?

Hold Water is just my stage name that I was “baptized” with many years ago. My real name is Thompson Amaefula. I am from Imo state, a Nigerian of course (prolonged laughter) and I have been in the industry for close to seven years as a comedian.

Hold Water

Apart from being a stand up comedian what other things are you into?

I can easily say that I am one of the few stand up comedian in Nigeria who is also an actor and apart from that, I was once a presenter on radio and television station so I am also a journalist. In all I can tell you that I am all in all as far as entertainment is concerned.

As stand up comedian do you have any preferred events or clients?

No my clients are many. I am versatile and I play for everybody

How do you crack your jokes or what inspired the type of jokes you crack?

I study my audience, so if you call me, I will study the people, that tells tell you my type of joke will determine the kind of people that are sited in an event, and my dressing.

What inspires my comedy is motivational. I am a motivational comedian, I tell real jokes

Was there anytime you crack a joke that look so expensive?

Yes, there were many times like that. But there was one that I cracked about four years ago, that made me lose my endorsement at MTN. It was during the Chidima time. I cracked one joke and I was yanked off from MTN for life, and it was just a simple thing.

What was the joke?

Let’s forget about it, I don’t want to remember it any more

 How has it been as a comedian?

A lot of things happen. It’s not easy to be a comedian. At times you will go to someone’s table and try to crack a joke they will tell you to get out. And you know as Nigeria is now, it’s not easy to make someone laugh, everybody is hungry and angry they never pay house rent, pay children school fees, some their wife don leave them, and before Nigerian girl go leave you, she for don milk you dry, collect every collectable things from you”

Who can you point to as your role model among the numerous stand-up comedian we have in Nigeria?

When I was small, people said I behaved and look like my brother from Port-Harcourt, Julius Agu. Aanytime I am on stage they say I behave like him. I have performed in his show and he loves me too much. So I can say he is my role model.


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