Ordinarily, the Ijaws are  always associated with militancy and other vices, but what happened last Saturday, during the release of the musical video of Yawah Dey by Ijaw Breed Entertainers showed that apart from the vices, the people has something good to offer when it comes to entertainment.
The artistes aka, Han-Izon, who hail from Ondo, are known to be committed to their objectives of selling the Nigerian brand through their kind of music that projects diverse heritage of the country. Their music produced in English, Yoruba, Ijaw, Pidgin, etc, languages is a combination of traditional and contemporary music which is simply called trado-contemporary music.

Han-Izon on stage

Songs released by the group include ‘For Real’, ‘Iworiwo’, a remix from the late Jim Rex Lawson, which is about how people should behave in the society. ‘Edise’, which talks about the pains of woman hood and why they should be respected in the society. They also released Ijaw Praise gospel songs, which was also used to celebrate the second year anniversary of Ijaw Breed Entertainers.
Explaining reasons for the release of this kind of music which is outside the usual genres, President of the Ijaw Breed Entertainers, James Useghan who is also the Convener, First Massive Literati said, “We sing songs in different languages because the rhythm is melodious likewise we should sing unique songs that are different from one dialect or the other. When we do this, we will be able to export our culture to the international community when our indigenous songs are listened to in the world. This will enable us have an identity which is very important.”
“Musicians are inspired by what happens in the society and they do this by releasing various songs. We sang Yahwah Dey in Pidgin English because we want to promote our local dialect. If you travel to countries like China or India, they always speak their indigenous languages likewise Pidgin English, which cuts across all classes of people in Nigeria. We want to communicate to Nigerians at the grass root level because they understand what we are doing.
A lot of things has happened in the last few years about governance in the country, things are really tough and the masses are suffering. Despite all these challenges, we were inspired to sing Yawah Dey because it focuses on the negative situation of things in the country.”
“The musical video of Yawah Dey, produced by James and Michael Useghan is a song about the lamentations of the people, they are tired of the situation of things in the country and its high time the youths come together and get things right. As youths, we are yearning for transformation in the country. We are seeking for the best and that is why we established First Massive Literati (FML) formerly known as National Youths Movement (NYM) where youths are craving for a change and wants the youths to take over the leadership in the country like some developed countries in the world.”

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