February 25, 2017

NotJustOk expands to East, S’Africa

NotJustOk  expands to East, S’Africa


As part of their commitment to exposing African music to the world, West Africa’s premier music entertainment site, Notjustok is extending their content offering to East African and South African countries.


With this move, the popular website which is over 10 years old clearly sets itself ahead of other online entertainment content providers across the continent.

“Notjustok pioneered the popularity of Nigerian and Ghanaian music online and our entrance into East and South African markets is an attempt to popularize the amazing music coming out of counties such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana and other countries in the region,” stated Demola Ogundele founder of Notjustok.

Explaining further, he said, “This will both provide variety to our 3 million monthly users and attract even more users from these regions so that they can also enjoy and consume music from their local markets and discover music from other African regions.

The intention is to add more value to these regions as we have done in the Nigerian music space which is currently the dominant force in African music.”

In addition, Ogundele noted that Notjustok has been at the forefront of promoting Nigerian and Ghanaian music which is now popularly referred to as ‘Afrobeats’ in the West.